Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday, July 10

Hooray for Seymour!  He has a home. A REAL home! Seymour and his mama Patricia arrived here 1/17/14. Patricia was adopted by Rita from Wisconsin. Ever since then she has asked a couple times about Seymour--how he is, etc. Recently, Rita came to FFRC for another visit. Much time was spent with Seymour. After she went home, an email arrived, asking about him and the possibility of adopting him. Yes, Seymour has been considered a permanent resident. The reason? FFRC promised BENCH, the rescue he came from. I contacted them and explained the situation (Rita is an awesome cat mama, Seymour could be with his real cat mama, they would be well cared for and loved. Also, if ever a time Rita couldn't care for them, both would be returned to FFRC). Their blessings for this adoption was immediately given, with no hesitation! So.......happy news for Seymour! He will be leaving with Rita (who will come for Catstock) on 9/7 in the morning. 

We had three adoptions yesterday! In the morning, wonderful Chalet was able to go back to her home! Her mama came home from the nursing home and is now able to care for her again! It's known that if the time comes that she can no longer care for Chalet, she will come back to FFRC. In the late afternoon yesterday, we had two more adoptions! Little Postal, now known as Megan, went to her new home. And Willow, a baby born here to Smallisha, also went to her new home. These are happy places for these cats! 

And then today.....another wonderful adoption day! Three more adoptions! As most of you know, Yvonne came back to FFRC with Barb who is visiting for 2 weeks. Yvonne just wasn't a happy girl with the family cats at Barb's. So....that's what is most important. Their happiness. We discovered that Yvonne and Brandywine got along just fine together. So, they are now placed in their new home together. I've already had one phone call from the Dad. All is well. Both have been bird watching thru the patio doors! Our third adoption for today is Oriah. It's official (just like we were hoping!).  Oriah will be staying with her foster/now forever home family! This is good. With Oriah's specific food needs, it was difficult here at the Rescue Center, but easy in her new home.

We had BOXES last night. So many grateful feelings given to you all for your help. 
Mary C--visitor with niece for 3 days--many things and we are so thankful. Snacks for volunteers, snacks for the kitties and the doggies, case of PT, Fancy Feast dry cat food, Reeses (guess who for!!), great snackers for the horses, donkey, goats. Mary also had a garage sale and the money from this was donated to FFRC. Big thanks, Mary. There were other gifts too from Mary for the Rescue Center--I thank you!
Domingo F--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Lin Hsiao H from Taiwan--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Arden & Charmaine B--donation to FFRC in honor of Trucker
Catherine D from VA--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Karla M--donation in memory of the kitties that have passed. 
Brad B from KY--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
EddieJ333--day visitor today--donation to FFRC
Oilsandsgirl--2 big bags dry cat food and 2 big bags dry kitten food--Max brand, big box of 13 gallon trash bags 
Haroon A--big bag of Precious cat litter
Zelda Belda Moss & Anonymous Friend--cat mouse kick toys, lots and lots of cat toys, doggie squeak toy, cashews/pistachios for volunteers and cans of clams, 9-Lives, sardines, chicken and salmon for the kitties!
Laura/Medic101--2 cases Fancy Feast
Barb W--week visitor--big bag of Precious Cat Litter and candy snackers
Pat L/plee from SC--4 cases Fancy Feast appetizers
Susan345--8 extra big bags of kitty snackers
LJ323--2 bags Sunkist Fruit Gems, milk rings for Pania, kitty snackers, 5 large memory foam rugs. Also a beautiful 52 x 52 purple varigated afghan with kitties, in honor of the kitties we have lost and will hold in our hearts

We have a Petfinder Weekly Report! We have had 731 total pet views this past week. The top 15 places are: Our Information Page, Kitties Page, Ming, CH page, Camvi, Kerri Kat, Tabitha, Emily, Daisy, Whisk, Ratchet, Abner, Karena, Emma Jo and Preakness.

Just to be on top of things, our latest intakes have been kittens. Carol is doing wonderful.  She's ornery for no bigger than she is--so sweet.  Then there's Murphy. She's a dilute calico--so so much improved. She's on antibiotics still but has progressed to being down on the floor to play. She's a loverbug now. Loves to eat. 

Then we also have Trucker, just very recently named. When asked if he liked that name, I swear he lifted his chin in a nod! This is a little 6 week old-ish kitten. A brown tiger, boy. His beginning of life is a bit of a mystery--a couple different thoughts. His back legs are fused at the knees--both of them. The hips are forward, which makes his back legs up under his tummy, aiming for his head. They are rather bothersome. At times he can get them off to the side for easier mobility. But he's a happy boy, already on the floor. We have to lift him into the litterbox while he's so little, as his legs "boing" into things and prevents him from moving forward. He loves to eat and to play. He's good friends with Murphy.

We also took in a new kitten late afternoon today. She is about 5 1/2-6 weeks old, a brown tiger/torti mix. A nice little kitten who was extremely thirsty. She drank and drank and is still trying to get her fill.  No name yet, but soon! She was also so very hungry. Her test is negative. Here is her problem. A dog got a hold of her (we're told today it happened) and punctured her neck in a couple places.  Her neck and chin are now shaved and has been cleaned but the swelling is significant. She's already on antibiotics. Hopefully tomorrow the swelling will start going down. She's sleeping right now on a heater pad and looks contented. 

The Catstock planning has begun! Games have started to be organized again. Prizes have been ordered. It's September 6, Saturday from 1:00 to 4:00. The wonderful Strawberry Hill band will be here again! Lots of good food and friendship for the day! Come join the fun!