Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday, July 8

Weds. July 8, 2014
Your messages to me in regards to Milford have been received and rests with me. The friendship and support you have given me is so uplifting. I won’t lie—Milford’s death has shook me. I think the main reason is that this little fella didn’t ask for anything in his life except to be loved.  From the moment he was picked up from being tossed out of the car, he was loved.  I just wanted it to be a whole lot longer. He is greatly missed. I have had numerous cats and kittens coming up and sitting in my lap, rubbing and being so sweet.  It’s amazing the love these cats can give. And it’s also amazing the love and support you all give me. I will never ever take that for granted. I thank you for the fb messages, PM’s and the emails.

Updates: our Hamlin Hope is a wonderful boy. He is coming out more and more and is enjoying the attention. He’s eating good. I’m surprised, even with his severe tremors and chin tuck, he still is agile.  And I think he likes being here.   We also have Sadie. She is “loosening up”.  Remember, most of her life has been in a pen. I can tell beyond a doubt that she is enjoying the freedom of being out and making those decisions herself as to what she wants to do. Time will help!

All the surgeries from Monday are recovered. These kittens are wonderful and never slow down. Appetites are good and energy levels are high…..very high! Thanks to Joyce D. for providing pizzas on Monday.

Remember, we have a special adoption coming up. Tease, tease. I can give you another hint.  It is NOT Emma Jo. The list of “is nots” is growing.

We have thanks to give, from BOXES and PayPals. I so appreciate you all.                                                                                                       
WalMart—in honor of Pat, our volunteer for her service hours
Nona—funds to purchase baby food
Judy & Phil, Sunday visitors—donation for FFRC
Wanda E—donation for portrait (of a bird!)
Gusti—donation for beverages for surgery day
Jack & Carole B—donation for FFRC
Donna/napa—donation, in memory of Lou (my sister’s dog)
Robin H from UK—donation for FFRC
Lisa K from WA—donation for FFRC
Anonymous Friend—donation for FFRC & a portion for our S/N fund
Norma B—donation for FFRC
Janet M—donation for FFRC
Aimee L—Scrabble pieces pendants, with FFRC peace, love cats for Catstock—really nice!
Jatcat—2 safety cutters
Sandy L/northpolemn—book: crafting with cat hair
Buffypotter/Stephanie S from Scotland—case of large Friskies fish, bag of Purina One, scratching pad
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from MI—coupons
Dave & Joy D from NY—kitty card with donation and from Amore, Scotch, Stitches, Abby & Diva
Ann F from NJ—donation!
Sherri W/neuromom & David—pretty pansy flower thank you card
Josie D—Kuranda Bed 1 level, for Kitty City
Nona S from NY—coupons
Anonymous Friend—box tops, pop tabs for Kellen, milkrings for Pania, Paw Points. Hand towel—lots of great colors, 2 bath towels, 2 pkgs wash cloths, 1 purple rug, 5 fleece blankies. Variety of safety collars, lots of cat toys—poofs, pipe cleaners, etc.  Snackers for Barnies, Covies, Porchies, Inside & Jacci’s kitties, snackers for doggies, Catstock duct tape. 2 rolls 13 gal bags, bandaids, triple antibiotic ointment, pens, highlighters, permanent markers, Kitty TY notes,  and a fall garden kitty flag.

The Covies are doing great—still out and about 2-3 times a week. They love it. The Barnies are also doing great. They love the tall straw bale piles. And the Porchies…they have now claimed the Shelter House as their afternoon nap place! All are feeling good.

We will have BOXES Weds. evening. Let’s start at 5:30, but know we may have to be flexible. We possibly may have an adoption late afternoon.

Walter is wonderful and doing super. He is on minimal meds and we have already seen a decrease in his circling. He seems very happy. Milo is now out and about in the Main Area. He’s explored every inch and seems very comfortable.

Thank you for “giving me space” right now. I just needed a bit of time off. I love this Rescue Center with a passion—just have to regroup again then I’ll be ready to go. Love this place so much and the kitties and cats and volunteers to stay down too long. Thanks for understanding.