Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 31, Thursday

Happy birthday to the Paddys!  Happy Birthday to these two wonderful boys. They are now 4 years old. Hard to believe.  Where does time go----oh, I know!! In the love of the cats---makes time go fast! 

We have big time thanks to give too since we had BOXES last night.  Thank you!

Anonymous friend from CA--envelope, card, stationary for catstock
Susan345--2 cases Fancy Feast (chicken/fish)
Elaine  J for Bella, Derecho, Jemima and friends--case of Fancy Feast chicken
Caren F--3 cases of Friskies pate, 1 case big cans of Friskies
Cliff B/robotman from CA--25 laser toys, Christmas tape, robot for Jimmy
Haroon A from Australia--pet bed (Derecho loves it), 2 cases Wellness kitty can food, 3 cases Clorox wipes, little brown guy cousin, 2 cases KMR, 2 chocolate snackers for the volunteers
Zelda Belda Moss and friend--Russel Stover chocolates, Blue Diamond Almonds, pistachios, 4 packs of paper plates, beef steak jerky, 5 cat toys, 18 lbs tuna, 16 lbs salmon, 4 lbs clams and 5 lbs chicken. 
Beth/eaglewatcher--12 cans of chicken breasts, 2 cases of Friskies
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--2 lg. bags of Max cault dry food, 2 lg. bags of kitten dry food, 1 case Fancy Feast turkey, case of 6 inch and 0 inch paper plates, case of Clorox Wipes
Mayumi from Japan--bags of food "steaks" for cats (which they love!), 18 boxes of Kleenex
Zsa Zsa and mama--4 cases of kitten can food
Patty Smith--day visitor--Halloween bags (lots), 2 bags of material and yarn, 2 afghans for the cats
Billie K from TX--donation for rotisserie chicken for Trucker and Samara
Gillian A from UK--donation to help with Austin's medical bill
Fran D from FL--donation to help as needed
Eugenia S from Russia--donation to FFRC

Austin is doing great from his surgery on Monday. Samara had her surgery yesterday, Weds. She is doing quite well.  X-rays were taken. She has quite complex fractures of her left elbow. Also both the tibia and fibula on her rear right leg are fractured. Here's the treatment---surgery was done and a pin put in the front leg. It was quite an extended surgery due to so many bone fragments. But, after 2 hours, Dr. P felt like it will be successful. She needs pen rest for weeks. This pen rest will also help with her rear leg. Her rear leg fractures are in alignment, so we will "let them be". Chances are high that they will mend just fine without surgery or a splint if she continues to do bed rest. She is resting comfortably today--sleeping alot. Samara is also getting pain meds on a timed schedule. 

Today we are expecting the arrival of Tiny Tim. He's the 6 week old CH kitten from Staten Island. They should arrive here early afternoon.  We're waiting excitedly for his arrival. Jennifer will be bringing him--she played a big part in Joey and Thomas' rescue. She's very happy to be seeing them again! 

Very possible we will have a surprise auction on two of the birthday boys trivets/coaster--one for each. We're trying to get these up on fb chatters very quickly. It will end at 6:00 this evening.