Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday, July 13

It really happened! Coralie shared her supper with 3 kittens--all at the same time! Isn't that just wonderful?! I took Coralie outside for a walk-about. She walked all over the place--over cement, grass and stones! Really enjoyed the sunshine! We rarely get to do that but Coralie and Bella are allowed. Bella of course loves her stroller rides too! But not Coralie--she wants to do it herself!

We had BOXES Friday night. Big time thanks for what you all do for this Rescue Center. Not only are your gifts so appreciated, but the moral support, prayers, good thoughts and words of encouragement are also appreciated. 
Starrylightmeow & Pondracer with Simba--3 Clorox wipes and a case of Friskies
Grace R/wonderteac--a great book called Cat Lovers Devotional
Lannml--4 cases Friskies Poultry & Beef and 2 cases of Appetizers
Plee--coupons, 6 bags doggie snackers, 5 bags kitty snackers and a stone with painted black kitty with amazing eyes
Shawn--very nice handmade card in sympathy for Milford
Anonymous Friend--another great book!@ Mindfullness, finding Peace in a Frantic World
Heather, Stephanie & Samantha H and Rascal from OH--Thinking of You card with kitty stickers
Zoolove with Cali, Princess, Bootsie, Blackie & Snowie--t-shirt with flowers and kitties for Jacc, so very pretty!
Anonymous Friend--SEVEN 40 lb bags of Precious Cat Litter.   Wow! 
Jobo & Lemon- Day Visitors--2 cases Friskies, 13 galloon trash bags, kitty snackers
Haroon--big 40 lb bag of Precious Cat Litter
Jakesmeowmy--donation to be used wherever needed
Norma B--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Indy--our visitor last week--donation of an Amazon Card for FFRC

Our 4-some batch of kittens are doing good. They are Carol, Veora, Trucker and Murphy. You'd think they were born in the same litter--they all play, eat and snuggle together! Trucker succeeded! He made it into the little litterbox yesterday all by himself.  Barb, our visitor, has faithfully been putting him in the litterbox about every 1 1/2 hours to help him practice! We'will keep at it! 

Sadie, our newer CH cat loves to eat. She gets so very excited when she sees her plate coming to her! She likes the freedom of the back Thumper's Room. She likes her chin being scratched. Milo, another newer CH cat, is doing awesome. He's so friendly. Loves to be held. Short periods of holding works for him. He loves the palm tree. Milo is another ankle wrapper, like Freemont.

One of the nicest kittens ever is Corby. He obviously had been loved on somewhere in his young life. He has a diesel purr motor and paws that knead and knead! Such a loverbug. He's been neutered now and is ready to find his own home. He has a ton of love to give.

Sound familiar to anyone? We have Basket 138 More Kids Fun that is unaccounted for. We are not able to figure out the name on this Basket from the Catathon. If you were the winning bidder, could you please contact me? Thank you. 

Here's a good deal! Our First Aid kits are now at a big sale for $15.  Instead of going thru our FFRC store, if you'd like one, just go thru PayPal so you can get the sale price.  It's chock full of great items for a Pet First Aid Kit. 

Tomorrow is our first Raffle since quite a while before the Catathon! We're ready for it! Check out Chatters FB page! We have 6 items---2 afghans, 1 signature banner, 2 Harlequin Cat pictures/framed in oak and a cat/doll wood bed.  All 6 items are just wonderful. Raffle tickets are $5.  You can do one ticket or how many you want. The Raffle starts tomorrow, Monday and ends at 2:00 on Thursday. BOXES will be at 5:30 on Thursday with the Raffle Drawing at 6:00.  Of course, we will have consolation prizes. Let the fun begin! Just go thru PayPal or if you need to send a check, please do it right away so we receive it Thursday or before. Let me know how many tickets and for which items. Please include your cam name if you have one. Thanks ever so much! 

Who is one of the orniest kittens here? That would be Hillsborough  He is such a lot of fun. He will play with anything--even a tiny piece of dust! Jackson is visible all the time now and will come walking up to us now for attention. He's right now playing with a milk ring--walking around with it in his mouth, dropping it, retrieving it and doing it all over again! His brother August has also progressed so much in his friendliness. And Joey.....what a sweetie he is. He's decided that we're A-ok people and have allowed us into his circle. As long as you approach slowly, he will accept petting. He loves his tummy rubbed now! He's amazing!

No limping for Unna or Luige! They both have lost their limp and run like the wind. Such a joy to see them. They'll even throw each other down in wrestling play now! Little Veora's neck area where she was bitten by a dog is now much better. The swelling has decreased dramatically and she can eat easily now.

I've had two phone calls now from Yvonne and BrandyWine.  All is well. I do believe things are going to work out beautifully! The second call told me that they were both napping on the couch together--not snugged up, but on the same couch! And the bird feeders are a big source of joy for them both!