Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday, June 20

Busy, busy week! We are definitely in the last hours of preparation for Catathon and the excitement is building! This is our main Funraiser of the year and hope for good success! And fun---we want lots of fun! Visitors have started arriving. BIllypogo and Bonnie have already arrived. Beth came mid week. More coming in! 

The phone lines (8 additional ones plus the rescue phone) is now in place and ready. We tried them out, had people call in and flood the lines and all worked great!  IF there should be a problem, we have an emergency number to call on Sunday for the phone lines. Dean, the computer guy has confirmed he will be here in the morning to set things up.  The 2 porta pots arrive today along with the big 60 inch tv! We will have the tv at the Shelter House so people can easily watch. Today we will go over the property and double clean everything, including the barns. Baskets are ready, Big Ticket Items are all organized. We are about ready! And very excited!

The Catathon Raffle is now over. The winners of the items will be drawn throughout the Catathon. At the very end, after Round 7, when things are all tallied up, we will give you a Grand Total!  

We have a cat that was returned.  Her name is Jatcat. She was returned thru no fault of her own--just liked to scratch furniture. Anyway, she is here, we love her and glad she is back.  That's why we do our contracts like we do.  If the owners can't/don't want any more, we do! We always will take them back. Jatcat is a long hair torti blend, 3 legged (surgery done while here at FFRC). She's been back in the Main Area once just for a visit and seems pretty comfortable. Later we will bring her up again. Always nice and slow re-entry.

Oh my--we have taken on so many new kittens. I'll just go over the latest in case anyone has missed them.
Pablo--orange short hair,  Birthday is 5/8/14.  Was a found kitten and brought here. A sweetie.
Charden--buff/white, short hair.  Birthday is 5/1/14.  He obviously (from face) was tossed from a car. Then his tail was degloved (skin/fur removed). He's actually healing nicely and not so painful as when he arrived. About 1 1/2 inch of his tail was removed yesterday (all dead tail) so now it's not being bumped as much. He is spending part time in the main area. Another sweetie.
Corby--white/grey, short hair.  Birthday is 4/14/14. My son and family found him.Very thin. Nice kitten and fitting in well.
Milford--black/white, short hair.  Birthday is 4/18/14. Was seen as he was tossed from a car--now has very little use of back legs, plus the right leg is twisted. The young lady who saw it happen is a vet tech and took him to her vet. Probable spinal cord injury (like Aileen).  We are working at putting him in the box frequently to help him with potty issues. So far, so good. He's been there at the vets for a week. He did come up to the Main Area today for maybe 10 minutes. He's like a speedy bullet---zoom, this boy can goooo.
Missa--black/white, short hair with a dot of black on muzzle.  Birthday is 3/27/14.  Will be coming up to main area shortly.  Was a found kitten. Person that brought her was going to take to a woods and drop her off if we didn't take her. Geesh---enough said.  She LOVES attention.

There's kitties everywhere! I'm so thankful that all 3 of our current mamas are nice and so sweet to all the kittens. It's good for the babies. There's a possibility that Kizzy will be adopted this weekend. And Navi! She went back with her dad. Happiness was apparent from him and Navi. She went right in the carrier and acted relaxed! He called yesterday and said she was right back in her routine and he's a happy person! 

We have some thank yous to do! And we do indeed thank you! And I have to apologize--I've gotten behind listing the "thank yous".
Allyssa B--sent lots of cat food! This is a special 4 1/2 year old that is learning to help others. She sent 2 cases Tiki Cat, 7 cases Friskies --  all a variety and the cats will love it!
Joey3100--sent a special toy for Joey. Saw him playing again last night with it! And 4 boxes Friskies Gravy Sensation packets
Kittymom --2 cases Friskies and a case of Fancy Feast
Mittenkitten/Donna H with Shadow & Starla--kitty card, AMC movie gift card, 2 Tastey Katkes packages, kitty coil toys, tunnel, 4 very pretty beaded necklaces and a beautiful Magenta memory bracelet (I love it). Also sent yard Lion Brand of many colors, for knitters/crocheters
Anonymous Friend--13 bags kitty snckers, 2 cases FF kitten, 2 cases FF gravy lovers and 4 ases Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken 
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie--2 cases FF kitten, 4 cases Whiskas Fish
Coralie from WA--great pictures of Kira & Missy, donation from 2 legged Coralie to FFRC's 2 legged Coralie!
Deb B from GA--Happy Catathon Card and a donation for a plque in memory of our much loved Ernest
Dava M--a necklace that says "Till they all have a home" and a wonderful pair of flip flops with paw prints!
Laura E/LJ323--5 cases of appetizers
Lannml--Yeoww Bananas for Covies and Riley and the other kitties, case of Friskies Pate
Scottycat, Aunty Fi, Cita and Gusti--a memorial stone for Aileen (is now in Albert's Garden)
Irene H--note, 2 break a way collars and 9 great books for kitty care we can give away. Also a beautiful maroon/red and white afghan--so pretty!
Conii, Elliott and Izzabellah--4 cases of Snacker treats
Deb11111--4 cases of Friskies Pate, 4 cases of Friskies Tuna and 4 cases of Tasty Treasureres!
Mindy S--letter and pictures--a strawberry bed, black kitty face purse, white/green fleece blankie, leopard print poof and a yellow gold/brown ripple afghan!
Tigercat54/Great Aunty Julie--DIY kits: sandwich bags (500) and 2 bags of Fancy Feast--instant snackers!
Connie/warpednMN & Joe--30 cans of KMR
Barrett Paving from NY--donation in memory of Lois L
Ann F from NJ--donation in memory of Aileen
Phyllis B from MI--coupons
Pckrbckr/Carolyn--MN stamps 
June/Painted Daisy--For Catathon-4 gift cards for Dominos pizza for supper! and 2 Visa gift cards to use where needed
Judy & Phil--paper towels, cat toys, postie notes.  Also bags from Heather
Michlynn & Vern--case of lemonade, 2 cases water, case of juice, case of Sheba, quillow, coupons, Christmas ornaments & hot pad, 11 towels, case of chips, cat carrier, paper plates & 3 blankies and a nice visit!
Anna & Ivan Z from PA--donation to FFRC, in memory of neighbor's cat, Katrina who passed recently at age 29.
Pat & Ellen from Defiance--donation from their sale of a Fenton Basket
Gusti--donation for little Charden, for meds.
Donna B/donnajb--kitty snackers, 2 cases FF gravy, 2 cases FF kitten, 3 Whiskas, 1 Purrfectly chicken packets

I'm not sure if you heard yet or not, but little Lewes passed away the beginning of the week. He was what is called "Failure to Thrive". It's simply when, their growing stops, they stop eating and then don't continue down the road of survival. Brandy Wine even stopped "worrying" over him on the last day---it's like she knew. He was held close as he passed. 

We had a report from PetFinders. The top 12 cats viewed were: Camvi, Ming, Kerri Kat, Daisy, Liberti, Tabitha, Preakness, WHisk, Emily, Merle, Karena and Ratchet.

Nobbin went to visit the vet's on Weds. His poor un-eye was very swollen. Under sedation, another large pocket of pus was removed. He was back later in the afternoon and after eating 3 plates of food decided he was just fine and was playing! It's obvious that the antibiotics he was on was not the one that would respond to his particular infection. So, now he's on 2 kinds of meds and is doing much better. He's a loverboy! 

I believe this blog has turned into a blog-story!  I wish for you all a wonderful day. Please remember to encourage others to spay and neuter. On to the Catathon!