Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday--June 16

The week of the Catathon! Let the fun begin! We had a bit of a rehearsal yesterday. We went over, hopefully, all the aspects of the Catathon. A few more things to get in place. But, because of our volunteers, this event will be just fine. This event will take a huge group effort--I am so very blessed to have so many people involved with FFRC that give with their heart. 

This week the Porta Pots arrive and the big screen TV--on Friday/Saturday.  Werlors will empty the trash container on Friday so we start fresh for the weekend. The phone company will be here Weds. and Thursday to make sure all the lines work properly for the phone calls. The farm yard will be spruced up. The Covies are anticipating being petted and loved on lots so they've been extra grooming themselves! The farm animals have been told to smile for everyone. And the peacocks have been given a firm talking too---no pecking anyone's vehicles! Saturday late afternoon all the furniture in the Main Area will be moved out--we need lots of space for the Catathon. The cats are gonna have some running space! The Mail Room will be made ready for what we hope will be lots of visitors! So many little details to tend to.

Our sweet Karula has made her way to the Rainbow Bridge. This weekend has shown that it's been harder and harder to breathe. Remember, this is our old oldster that is blind and deaf and toothless. We have had her for about a month and have given her much loving and all the food that she wants. We knew that her time was going to be short with us, so whatever she wanted, she received. This morning it proved too difficult for her, so the decision was made to help her over to find peace and health. We have been privileged to have this sweet girl with us. Thank you for caring about her.

We had THREE adoptions yesterday--all in the morning. First, Fantasia went to her new home by flying from Toledo to Chicago. She has been so wanted by her new family. Then Teva and Genevieve went together to their new home--their new mom and dad were already in love with them before they even left! This is what makes this rescue center worth the "work"---sending these cats to wonderful homes.

We have an update on the Purina Circles that I had asked to have people help us with. Unfortunately, we are not able to participate.  The program they win for "free things" is not meant for rescues/shelters. I thank you though for caring and starting to help us with this. We want to follow the rules, so we will have to decline this. 

Our Catathon Raffle is ON!!!  Right now until Weds. evening. Tickets are $5--can go thru PayPal. Just let me know where you want your tickets to be--which item and how many. So exciting! These tickets will be drawn during the Catathon. Check out FFRCNation and FFRC's fb chatter page for the pictures and descriptions of these 16 items!  Here's the schedule for it:
RA, RB--Round 1     RC, RD, RE--Round 2     RF, RG--Round 3     RH, RI--Round 4     RJ, RK, RL--Round 5     RM, RN--Round 6     RO, RP--Round 7

Folks, please know we are trying our best to include everything that has been sent in for the Catathon. We really truly appreciate the support you've given. If you don't see your item, it probably is in our store and/or waiting to be in Day Sales/Flash Sales. We are actually putting some items out in the store for the Catathon weekend. We're trying our bestest to show we appreciate YOU by using your items appropriately and gratefully. If you want to send me an e-mail in regards to anything, you are welcome to do so.

We have some thank yous to give!
Andrea S--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Roberta S (day visitor)--some awesome Santa Clauses (we'll use these this fall--really nice!), towels, treats, laundry soap, cat krinkle bag, yarn and a blue round ball toy.
Kristen from Japan, friend of Roberta S (day visitor)--an awesome gift bag directly from Japan with a ton of cat snackers! I'm telling you---the cats love these snackers! It's full of many types of treats. Told the cats, a few a day! Thanks, Kristen.

Nona--lots of small Post Its, Coupons and ear phones for mods!
Jan from HI--card with note. Variety of Hawaiian candy for Catathon Vols to give us energy!. She also gave me a lovely coin purse and a special rock with painted flower from her Japan trip
Amy D from PA--note, cloown/kitty plate, gray crocheted shawl, construction paper, ntoebook paper, dog tray for Catathon foods, doggie cookie cutter, tote for freezer food, 3 angel kittens that are for a garden.  Also many jewelry items, most made by Amy--15 sets of stud earrings, lots of pins with angels, butterflies and crosses design and a variety of iridescent necklaces!
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie from IA--40 individual bags for volunteer snackers
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--6 cases baby food
Lannml--4 cases Friskies, variety
Anne B--green felt kitty bed, 3 lg bath towels, lint roller, journal/address books, 5 x 7 picture frame, nail set with buffer and file, paper punch, napkins
PSW--Incentives for Raffle/Day Sales!--magnetic kitty scissor holders for the kitchen--very cute!
Auntumnkitty from France--seat belt clip for doggies using car seat belts--for dog basket

Sweet little Pablo is doing great. I do believe he thinks he's a fierce lion to be reckoned with! He goes right up to the big cats and struts his stuff--then runs! Luige was running full out this morning with barely a limp! Archer is the sweetest thing--just melts in the hands. Unna has it figured out all the way now with her splint. She's everywhere--even up high now. What an active girl. She has some more signatures on her splint!

We took in a new kitten this weekend. This little one has my heart (I guess that's nothing new!). He was brought in early Saturday morning, with his tail degloved. That means it's been stripped of skin and fur, fully exposing the bone on the entire tail. To do this, something solid, like a car tire, was ON the tail, he squirts away and off goes his skin/fur. Unfortunately it's removed even the skin around the top of the tail and around the anal area. He is one very very sore baby. He's on antibiotics and 2 soreness meds. It appears he was probably tossed from a car as he has the traditional "pizza face" that goes with that. Poor baby. To add more to it, this entire area was covered with maggots and maggot eggs-thousands. Not any more though--he's maggot free. He's very small, too small for surgery yet, but will have to have that tail amputated. He gets soaks during the day and then special ointment applied to promote healing and cleanliness.  No name yet, but soon! This baby loves to purr! We won't worry about WHAT or WHY this happened to him but we are choosing to concentrate on this little kitten as to the NOW of his life. He has a whole lot of lovin' coming to him! we come! Remember, you can now go to our website at and visit the site with all the baskets and big ticket items and their descriptions! Also you can view the new items that have been added to our store and even purchase them now! The store is open! Enjoy!  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me.