Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday, June 28

What a blessing good health is. Never take it for granted. I am thankful every day that we have good health here. Because, as anyone knows who is involved with a shelter or rescue, that health factor is all important and can change in a second. Viruses and germs are everywhere in our environment--humans and cats. Those viruses are just waiting for a door to open to enter and cause havoc. It's here, it's in every square inch of life. How do we keep healthy in a rescue center? Good quality food, vaccinations, lots of hand washing, low stress, quarantine time upon arrival, practice good general cleaning and give a lot of love!  We try our best. When one of those ugly viruses makes  its presence known, we fight like the dickens for these kittens. We do good supportive care with everything we have.

We took in a new cat yesterday. It's Milo! He's 11 months old, a black tiger and has mild CH. He's already been tested, vaccinated, wormed and already around other cats. He's a bit of a "high stepper" CH cat. And when he gets excited he flops over at times but can easily right himself up. Talk about friendly--this boy is a big ankle wrapper! LOVES attention! He came from southern Ohio and was transported by his past family who could no longer keep him. He's a gem. He was having difficulty using the box in his home so we are retraining his thoughts on this. So far, as of this morning, he hasn't had any accidents--100% success so far!

We are also expecting another CH cat today, around noonish. I know her name is Hope and I believe is also from southern Ohio. More later after I hear the whole story!

It sounds like Kizzi is doing good at Buckeye/Pam's home. I'm so happy for Kizzi! Such a nice cat. We took out the 3 remaining sutures of Nobbin's un-eye. He was perfectly behaved and didn't even squirm! Bella had her 2 hours out in the dog pen with Janie and Camie. Today is another stroller ride for Bella. Have you noticed Walter lately? He's down to one pill a week.  He rarely circles now and seems a bit more relaxed.

Jatcat has been up in the Main Area for a whole day now and is doing very well. She's such a beauty and has wonderful grace. Hard to believe she just has 3 legs. That Unna--she doesn't know what "being quiet" means. Such an active kitten. Just a little limp is left from her fracture--still healing. We're hoping for a complete recovery from her. I just saw her tackle Dickens--flattened him and then the race was on--both running! 

I wanted to give you an update on Oriah. I've checked in twice this past week with her and her foster family. She is doing just fine! Quiet, like she was here. Eating just fine. Diarrhea is not a problem. Loves the attention! And the foster family isn't ready yet to let her go.......hmmmmm, wonder where this might lead?!!

The Covies were out yesterday. Ashlyn cleaned the Cat's Cove top to bottom with the power washer--gets it squeaky clean! All 16 came a running for Connie's supper call. Pablo had a bit of an off day the last two days, but is much better today. He's eating by himself and looking happier now. Whisk and Jasmine were laying together--what a sweet picture that was. Ratchet loves to be head-rubbed--turns his purr motor on!

We had BOXES last night. We are so grateful for your help.
Deb11111--12 bottles of Mr. Clean--good smelling bottles too!
Phyllis B from MI--coupons
Susan TC from Defiance--donation for FFRC
Tigercat/great aunt julie from IA--20 spring toys!
Janice K from Napoleon--cat pads, pillowcases, blankies---all hand made!

We also had BOXES Thursday night--many thanks!
Gloria & Geremy from WI--card with donation
Jeannette B/furhavenkitty--card and payment
Tara--donation for FFRC
Kelly R from CA--coupons 
Diane B/redrobin from TX--card with donation in honor of Beverly Githens

We are down to 10 items from the Catathon to mail out! Isn't that fantastic?  As soon as those checks/paypals have arrived, we'll be sending the last boxes/packages out the door! I know people have already been receiving their items! 

We've had a Petfinder update! The top 12 cats viewed are: Camvi, Ming, Kerri Kat, Emma Jo, Emily, Purrzer, Daisy, Karena, Preakness, Whisk, Tabitha and Liberti.  

Josephine also went to her new home! She was a much waited on kitten and already loved! 
Have a great weekend!