Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday, June 2

What a great day! Kittens are nutty--just the way I like them! Cats have been very affectionate this morning. Suzie is wandering around, just checking things out. Jersey is sleeping beside me! Zelda on my desk. Paddy Purr is checking out the birds already out the window. I do think he might have a little drool going on! Camvie seems to be everywhere. Camvie is such a hoot. She so loves those dogs. She now follows them from their room to their outside kennel. I swear she'd go right outside with them!

We had 3 adoptions yesterday. A wonderful day. Jessie left first. Her new mama works during the day, but her new Auntie will be visiting her daily for company! I have a feeling she will be well spoiled.  Then Mayumi left. She went to a family with another cat. Another happy adoption.  Then Wrigley's new family came. As you know, he is the first CH cat we've adopted out. Wrigley is very mild CH and such a love. They have been visiting him frequently before his official adoption so he already knows them!  More adoptions coming up now that the spays and neuters are current.

Our sweet Brandywine, the mama to the 5 black/white kittens, appears to be doing better. What a tough road she's been down. She sleeps alot. I do believe her very sore back is better. And yesterday evening she started showing a good appetite! Her youngsters are so sweet. Now that they are getting nutrition, they don't appear to be nearly so thin. And they have energy! They're playing, tackling each other, biting tails! Just good kitty fun! 

We have some thanks to give!
Gusti--a birthday present for Cita and Schinn (both are mods for our chat). They each get to give a name for future cats! Also a donation for Suzie and Karula, our oldsters. 
Shannan W--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Joyce D--provided pizza for us on our surgery day. It was absolutely delicious!

We got another report from Amazon. It was good. We had $451.56 given to FFRC to reflect orders that were done thru Amazom. I thank you for this!

Oh my goodness--we have legs! Yes, it's true. We finally saw the babies of Smallisha stand on their legs! We thought they would never get up.  They are so contented to be fed and groomed by their mama. I just checked on them---they're back to sleeping. Maybe tomorrow they will rise again! They know how to purr.

Steve and I will be gone on Tuesday and Wednesday. We're gonna get out of Dodge!  That is, we're going to take the Dodge truck and head out of town!  We'll be back early evening on Weds.  Connie will be doing breakfast that morning, the volunteers are all set, papers made up, notes made and a talking to the cats and kittens to be on their very best behavior. I'm not sure how well they'll listen though!

There's a possibility that a friend of Steve's and mine will take Oriah for a little--as a foster cat. As you probably remember, she is on a specific diet. She loves her special food but she also loves ALL food. Unfortunately, it gives her diarrhea and caused her to lose a tiny bit of weight. We need to help her get back on her good diet all the way. She is so wonderful and has a heart that loves everyone--especially legs. Oh my--she loves to rub on legs. 

We will have BOXES this evening.  Let's do 5:30 so I can finish up a bit early for Tuesday! Have a wonderful day.