Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday, May 5

Happy Birthday to Kiara! She is 7 years old today. She arrived when she was just 7 weeks old and after having been adopted by 3 different families, it was decided that she had a permanent home here at FFRC. She's a dear and loves the nice warm laundry! And being petted and fussed over. Happy Birthday, Kiara!

I would like to tend to our Thank Yous first, since I have 2 BOXES time to do. THe support you all show is so wonderful and humbling to me. This Rescue Center is always grateful for this help.
Michelle/KittyCanada and Justen and KC kitties--3 Pitter Pats snackers, kitty snackers, 7 beautiful porcelain kitties of all colors, 3 metal kittie posts for the FFRC's rock gardens!
Catherine/Cathy S--4 beautiful crocheted kitty mats
Cita from the Netherlands--2 sets of goodies for Steve and Jacci (waffles, syrup, cheese) and 7 different types of cheeses for the Catathon. This is the really good cheese!! Thanks, Cita.  Also a goody bag with Netherland's candies.
Vixanna/Bagobewar--4 wonderful quilts, 2 of which are Signature Quilts from our FFRCNation. The other 2 are quilts made with material donated by our webfriends.  These are stunningly beautiful. One is in tribute to Putter and also has Cgcry's square on it. These will be in the Catathon!
Herta B--for the Catathon: a signed framed print by Drew Strouble of White Kitty on the beach (looks alot like Farrah!)
Joco/JoAnn from MN--a wonderful Volume 2 Conversations of FFRC kitties. This will be available soon in the new items in our store.  Very nice
Mary Ellen M--Crochet Dudes which are stitch markers, to be given to our crochet friends!
Pat B, our volunteer and Photographer Extradordinaire!--canon Power Shot w/SD card and the cam is purple--this is for the Catathon!
Arden & Charmaine--4 big bags of Precious cat litter, big bag of Purina One Chicken and Rice dry cat food
DeWitty--card with note and donation
Jack & Alice/Mimi in Florida--note with donation for a name in memory of their kitty Bear Bear
SiberianSparkleCat--a beautiful Eagle and Eaglets Table with a nice glass top (tempered)
Catherine H--counter/step stool with 2 pullout steps!
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54--book: Purrs of Wisdom
Diane/Ruffles29--card, box tops for Caryn and a donation in memory of Putter & Magenta
Ann B from CT--card in memory Magenta
Phyllis B/kittiesmom & Emmie B--card for Pania with lots of milk rings!
Joni R--our visitor and friend--JEP Tiles--awesome coasters/tiles made with FFRC cats!, glass candles with FFRC cats on the outside.  Also 3 storage units with sitting pads on them.  And yummy strawberry cake! Joni--you do awesome work. Thanks for caring.

We have PayPals to say thanks for too!
Carol N--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Mary Elizabeth from AAZ--donation to FFRC, to use as needed
Arden & Charmaine--donation to help with little Postal
Pat & Ellen--PayPal from their Ebay/Amazon sales and Farrah's sponsorship
Janet M--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Konnar W from NY--donation in honor of Sophie Marie winning the contest!

Because I missed the Blog on Tuesday, I have thanks yet to give from Monday's BOXES!
Nancy L/Luv4cats from WI--coupons, seal/send notes, ornament kit, a great sign, honey items for the Wisconsin Basket, blue reindeer, coil toys, kitty city book mark, feed bag for Caity.
Dawn G/squirrelmama--Book, "Arrayed like never before" which has her cats picture on inside back cover, feathers from her Blue/Gold Macaw for the cats to play with, purple pen
Arden & Charmaine--case of Fancy Feast Kitten, bag of Purina One Kitten
Dawn, our volunteer--an inflatable picnic buffet and 3 large covers for food (for picnics, etc)
Gallant and Family--nice letter, 5 cute catnip donuts, book, and a kitty face shaped watch.  Hugs to Gallant!
Dewitty--3 beautiful plum and charcoal gray bath towels, 3 hand towels and 2 plum rugs--so pretty!
Laura/Medic 101 and mom Belinda--2 day visitors: Pet Supply gift card
Autumn kitty and Anna--3 long blankies for baths, with hand pockets for Dog Basket
Anonymous Friend--6 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten can
Betty W from VA--card and donation to be used where needed, in memory of Magenta & Putter
Vinnie T and family from OH--card in memory of Magenta, asked for wild flowers put on Magenta's grave--consider it done!
Majorie T from NY--lots and lots of Paw Point Rewards!
Sherri & Sophie Marie--donation in honor of Sophie's win in the Hot in Cleveland photo contest!
Zelda Belda Moss and friend--big box of sardines and clams

We had a first this morning--the Great Escape.  Never ever want that to happen again. Steve was by my desk looking outside and asked who the cat was that was rolling on the sidewalk. I looked and thought someone dropped off a black cat. On second look, I realized it was ASHA.  Yes, Asha. I ran out--there she was playing with a leaf. When I looked around, there were probably a dozen cats and kittens bouncing all over. The kittens were having fun chasing each other in Albert's Garden. Upon looking, I realized the screen had come completely off of a Kitty Kabana window. My heart sank. Sarah came right out and we started gathering up cats. Steve got the screen securely back in place. Purrzer was playing in the Iris flowers. Whisk was comfortable in the dog's house. Poor Farrah was literally bouncing off the screens trying to get back in. Cozarelii was leaping like a deer, heading back to get thru the window. Oh my--gave me at least 20 grey hairs on this adventure. All is well. Screens are all fixed now and will NOT come out again. 

What a morning! One of our volunteers, Michelle got locked inside Cat's Cove by her daughter Sarah! I just watched Ming who was scratching his neck--over he fell. He looked at me like he meant to do that. Sounds like an interesting day a coming here! 

Our new little kitten Aileen is a sweetie. She's visited the Main Area a couple times. I'm a bit disappointed that more feeling hasn't returned to her lower legs. Our prime window of opportunity of healing is fading fast. She's happy, is eating and moves along quite well. She's like Seymour. We just have to make sure she continues to be able to potty by herself. Her purr is huge!

We also took on another kitten yesterday afternoon. A little black/white girl, about 11 weeks old. Unfortunately, some children were mistreating her yesterday. A man witnessed it, told the children to leave the kitten alone but they continued. So, he took the kitten to Goin' Postal. Our volunteer Megan was there and took the kitten in and brought her to FFRC.  She is fine, just was scared. Her name is Postal. I've been asked how I deal with abuse. We see far too much that isn't always visible to the cam.  Sure, I have an initial "mad" feeling. Then I feel sorry for the "happening" of it--and sorry for the someone(s) that causes the "happening".  Then I focus on what really counts--the living, the kittens, the cats and continue to teach compassion for animals. We can never fix all the problems but we can continue to show what compassion is. Maybe it'll catch on, more and more! Postal will know 100% love and care now. 

And yes, Steve and I had a very nice time off.  Short, went fast, but relaxing and enjoyable! And it's always nice to get back home!