Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weds. June 11

With a heavy heart  I need to tell you that our little Aileen is in kitty heaven. After talking to 3 different doctors, we have all come to the same outcome of thoughts. Little Aileen was left to go to her place at the Rainbow Bridge very late last night. Her condition had deteriorated every day now for the past 4 days. She had no bladder or bowel control and her little tummy was so huge, causing discomfort. The time she was here was filled with playtime and being loved on. She passed while being petted. She was also playing with her friend Mr. Thomas's tail while he was grooming her. A peaceful, quiet passing. Thank you for loving her.

Sometimes when death happens, we swear we will never give our hearts out again. We talked about this twice on chat yesterday. Here is my thought on this. Love is actually a renewable resource! We can never run out of love, if we so choose to open our hearts. It's there for the giving....and for the taking. What an awesome gift! And if we love, we will always have memories.  Far better to have memories than to not have any. Far better to have love than to never experience it. Yes, it hurts to lose someone/something that we love,  but we are better for that experience. 

A viewer friend sent me this, this morning. I haven't read this for years, but it's exactly true and perfect:
From Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem In Memoriam:27
I hold it true, whate'er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.    

I wish for you all this---let's not keep track of those that have passed. Keep your eyes on our present and future. Every death teaches me something--I learn something from each and every one. We are a Rescue, after all. We do not get to pick and choose what comes thru our door. I mentioned last night that the majority  of cats/kittens coming in are not "cream of the crop", meaning most have medical issues to deal with. So, in doing this, we will see a sad ending here and there. But, the joy and happiness that comes from this Rescue Center, thru the cats and volunteers, is tremendous. That's what we need to focus on. Friendship, compassion, education comes into play too (along with spaying/neutering!!). I thank you all for being a part of what we do here at FFRC.

We had 2 cats at the vets yesterday. Little Unna went in for an x-ray. She had an accident the day before here at FFRC. Her x-ray showed a greenstick x-ray of her rear right tibia. Poor baby--has a big ole splint on that she does not like. She's on pain meds as it is a bit sore. If we can get her to have 1-2 weeks of this splint, we'll be happy. If she gets it off, then we go with her resting to finish the healing. Cats are tremendous healers. 

Nobbin also had his eye surgery and neutering. His infected eye was removed. A good thing. Dr. Darcy found a great deal of infection. This eye was non-seeing and was causing much discomfort. Give him a day or two of adjustment and he's going to be grand! He's on antibiotics and soreness meds. This is a wonderful boy--so sweet and loving.

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks to you.
Wendilyn--box of yarn for crocheters/knitters for FFRC!, Mr. Clean Eraser, beautiful baby sweater sets, cat dish, snackers for volunteers, a beautiful dog/cat quilt, Christmas decorations, peacock decoratin, note pads, Mickey Mouse hand bag
Betz--9 cases baby food & 9 cases Friskies
Amy, our volunteer--a thank you letter to viewers
Tabitha--has received (or maybe she sent them too?!!) a case of paper towels!
Anonymous Friend--2000 white paper plates, 6 inch
Halos mom & dad--kitty card with note and donation, picture of calico Halo
Trudy S from Bryan--donation
IzaBird--card in memory of Magenta
Vinnie T and Family from Oh--card in memory of Ricca
Deb B from Georgia and her kitties--Purina One Weight circles
Conii and her kitties--3 cases of KMR
Anonymous Friend--9 cases of Appetizers
Justme--5 cases water, Colostrum Powder, lots of styrofoam plates
Tabby and Lauren, our week visitors!--baby food, appetizers, styrofoam plates
Laura/medic--case of Fancy Feast
Anonymous Friend--5 cases of Fancy Feast kitten
Karie B from IL--donation in memory of sweet Suzie
Jonna, visitor--baby food!
Domingo F--donation for FFRC
Gusti--donation as congrats for 11 million viewers
Halos mom & dad--donation for 11 million viewers on cam
Rebecca H from UK--donation for anything needed

Little Tita and Teva are on their way to the vets today for their spays. This way they'll be able to goon to their new homes! 

Yesterday we went over the 11 million number for total views of the webcam. This is just astounding to me. I remember when we first started and we commented it would take a long long time to reach 1,000!  You as our webcam viewers have helped FFRC tremendously. You have also become more than just viewers--you are our friends.