Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday, June 7

If I could purr, I would be!  Little Aileen is napping in my lap. What a sweet baby she is. What she lacks in leg movement, she's making up for it with a big heart. And motor. This little babe sure can purr! We have 3 doctors involved in her care now. 

Today is a special day to me. It is Putter's birth date. Happy birthday, Putter Butter. We so appreciate that he was in with us at FFRC. 

We have a new weekly PetFinder report.  The top 10 cats are: Camvi, Rocky Top, Ming, Merle, Emily, Daisy, Preakness, Kerri Kat, Tabitha, Emma Jo. We had a cat returned to us yesterday. Little Jessie was brought back to us due to severe allergies by her new mama. So, Jessie is here and we will find a new home for her. She zipped right in and started playing right away! 

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are our Concession Days for the Dance Recital. I got to see Elizabeth and Unique dance last night at practice--just beautiful! Today we have two concession times, tomorrow afternoon is another. Because of my helping with the Concession tonight, we won't be doing BOXES.

A few dates coming up:
June 8---pre registration begins (can go to our website at If it's not up tomorrow, be patient, it will be the next day! It makes Catathon go smoother if we pre-register before the big day. It's not necessary, but helps. To entice you to pre-register, we have have 3 drawings for those who do. The 3 prizes are a Human-Dew (twin size leggydew type blanket), 2 really neat pawprint tote bags. 
June 14--The new store items will be available to see and purchase thru our store on the website   Any of these items will go out directly after the Catathon, just in case you purchase something else (saves on postage!)
June 14--The preview begins! In our website will be a page to see all the Baskets and Big Ticket Items. There will be a description of each item. By clicking on the pictures, you'll be able to get a close up of the items! 
June 22--Catathon!!!  1:00 to 4:40 ish

Let's talk about contests! In regards to the Precious Litter Contest, we declined to be in this round since we won the last round. Precious Company was very generous in their donation to us--gave us even more than we had anticipated since we're a Rescue! So very kind of them. Now....about other contests. FFRC has been bombarded with requests for us to support different organizations for different contests. save problems, I've decided that FFRC will remain silent and everyone vote for whichever shelter/rescues they personally want to. It's a difficult decision, but I feel pulled in many directions. Hope you all understand. Now, on the next contest that FFRC enters, I hope we have your votes!! 

I enjoy, when sitting at my desk working on things, checking into the chat on the cam. It is a joy to me to see the friendships, the compassion, the love for the cats. It's wonderful how so many people can come together with a central love and get along (almost always--lol) and share the fun of watching the cats. I thank you for this. 

Short blog--busy day. Have a very happy day!