Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 21, Saturday

Tomorrow is the Catathon! Oh my--it's almost upon us. I mentioned I had butterflies in my tummy and a friend so no.......not butterflies, but CAT-erpillars!  Made me laugh!  Tomorrow 1:00 sharp it officially begins. Remember, the number to call in is 419-393-2400. We will have 9 phone lines going--I think we'll be able to keep up! 

Also for tomorrow, remember we ALL have to work with the time lag. It's just a part of ustream life! So, refresh your computer often. Be patient. Be forgiving and just have a whole lot of fun! We have a few surprises up our sleeve for you to enjoy! hints! Just join us and have fun along with us. During the Catathon, we will also have quite a few drawings.  One is for the 16 Catathon Raffle items. For the volunteer's Keurig raffle, there will be 1 coffee winner and 5 Yankee Candle winners. We also have the 3 drawings for the people who pre-registered.  All of this will be spread out throughout the Catathon.

Remember too that Putter's signature quilt will be in the running from the beginning of Basket 1 thru Basket 6. After Round 7 we will do a Grand Tally and announce that. Stay with us for this....there may be something fun happening! 

We have people already here for the weekend and more coming.  We, here at FFRC are very much looking forward to the Catathon and being with family, volunteers, friends and our viewers! we come!

Nobbin is doing terrific. His un-eye is looking so much better. And he's playing a lot. Talk about playing--Ming is now a play machine! He's so cute to watch. I think that Charden is also coming along. We are putting him in the litterbox very often and he's having success!  Want those 2 P's to keep working! Our new boy, Milford is something else. That boy is obsessed with playing! If he's not sleeping, he's at full speed. We also put him in the litterbox very often. So far, we've seen a few pottys. We hip hip hooray each time! He has a ways to go--needs more practice. His pelvis is so turned and so are his back legs. They are rather floppy and get in his way. he goes and running. Doesn't bother him. Nope, just on to the next toy! 

We took in a new kitten yesterday. His name is Solomon. He's 8 weeks old, grey tiger/white. He was put on someone's porch. The man that found him would've liked to keep him, but his resident cat said No Way. So, Solomon made his way here. He's a dandy--sweet and friendly.

We have thanks to give! Our hearts are grateful.
Kristena & Steve C--PayPal for donation to help with Chardon and Milford
Cato--PayPal donation to use for Catathon needs
Maryann O/Merry_Marvin from CA--card with note, 2 Trader Joes Raspberry and chocolate bars, 5 cups for the store with the best kitty design!, kitty yard stake for Albert's Garden, 2 kitchen towels with kitty faces
Paula A from OK--handpainted picture frame "Zelda Belda Girl Moss"!, paper towels, Fancy Feast kitten cans, styrofoam plates 6 inch, baby food, appetizers, dog snackers, case of Friskies Tasty Treasures,
Kelly R from CA--self groomer for Coralie---I'll help her practice!
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat from IA--Part II--DIY Kitty Snacker kit and 4 bags of Fancy Feast dry
Jo Ann/Joco--5 reams of paper-bright colors, Old Dutch Puffcorn Caramel (so delicious) and lots of bags for the volunteers too of the Puffcorn
Hannah--pop tabs for Kellen, yarn for crafters, Monkey for Lynnette, squirrel toy, cat food trays, can cat food. Hannah also made a Peace sign for window, lots of Flag magnets for the store and TP rolls made into kitty toys! Hannah also wrote a book which she gave to me about 5 cats and 1 dog. It's about FFRC and she is letting FFRC have it! We read it to the viewers---so very sweet of Hannah.  A real treasure!
Loricat--an AWESOME poster that she made--this years focus was FFRCNation with one mission, one heart, one nation. Many snap shots from the previous year which has has rendered unto a poster. Lots of names of viewers and volunteers. It's just awesome! 

Okay---we're off!  See you at the Catathon!