Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, Monday

Wow!  What an incredibly awesome day the Catathon was! I am very much in your debt for the wonderful support that was shown. My simple thanks isn't anywhere near enough sufficient but please know that FFRC and myself is extremely grateful. 

The turnout of people coming in to help was huge--all slots were filled with willing people! It is such a joy to be surrounded by such friendly, eager and compassionate people. Much of my family was here. We also had family watching from their homes. And we even had an adoption! This was already pre-arranged. Kizzi went to her new home.

The food was wonderful--we had a lunch here for everyone. Then after the Catathon was over, we shared pizza together followed by ice cream cones! The weather was beautiful.  Just enough rain in the early morning to make everything fresh! 

Twenty minutes before we were to start, we realized the phones were not working--oh, what a worry. A quick call to the phone company and things were resolved. Then one of the main phones was lost--had to have it. Surprise---I put it down and left it behind somewhere but it was found!

Our wonderful Connie Chicken made an appearance, not once, but twice! We also had Jimmy's famous tu-tu here. And Dwarf Grumpy also arrived with a thank you message to our viewers. 

The biggest surprise of the day was putter's signature quilt. It brought in a whopping $10,000! That's when my knees started shaking. What an awesome happening!  We also had a donation of $2,000 by a webcam friend. 

Now, this week begins the week of organizing the mailings, packing and getting things sent on their way. This will take all of this week and possibly into next week as there is alot of things to send out! 

After the end dance, the thank yous given, and the final amounts added in, we have a new total for the 2014 Catathon!  It is at $38,150. Wow!  Fantastic! Amazing! So so grateful! 

A short blog but so wanted to tell you all a big big thank you for what you do for this Rescue Center.  You are all truly amazing.  More later!