Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday, June 26

You may see 3 extra cats here for a week.  Caryn, Chad and Kellen are on their way to Pennsylvania for Kellen to attend a special camp. Kerstyn is here, along with their 3 cats.  You may hear a bit of grumbling from Valli, the deep orange one, but he will be just fine. Ebony and Doce came from here and are doing great.  

Our sweet Chardon has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Once he was thrown from the car, his time was already shortened due to his injuries. We certainly tried but to no avail. One thing for sure though, he was loved an awful lot and he knew it. I'm glad he was here/ We were honored to have had him with us. Peace, little Charden. 

FFRC has been asked to help another CH cat. His name is Milo. He's from southern Ohio and the owner will bring him here herself. Milo is only 11 months old and is a brownish tiger boy. Because of certain circumstances, he is having trouble making it to his litterbox. The environment here at FFRC will be much easier for him to get to the litterbox and so we believe he will get back to using his litterbox. Milo sounds like a dandy and a sweet boy. He will be arriving late afternoon tomorrow, Friday.

We had BOXES last evening. Many, many thanks to you!
Miss Becckahs Corner from VA--12 crocheted kitty toys
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie--2 packages spring toys, 2 packages catnip infused balls and a really neat scratcher bed which Ratchet promptly claimed as his!
Mayumi from Japan--Famous Japanese Chocolate snacks, milk cream/strawberry jam cookies. Kitty treats that only come from Japan and 2 cases of Chicken Tulle
Nancy/Kerswill & note from Amber who just turned 19. Food--Sheba, Friskies and Fancy Feast. 4 packages of Kitty Note cards, variety of cards/envelopes. Kitty toys--kickeroo, kitty cube, kong play  & groom tunnel. Wash cloths, kitty towel, pillow case
Brooke from OH (visitor)--32 cans of Friskies, snackers, catnip, toys, kong toy, pole toy and fudge!
Lannml--24 giant rolls paper towels 
Anonymous Friend--a special memorial stone for Karula--Peaceful One
Susan M/macncheesemom from CT--pictures of Mac & Cheese, donation to use as needed
Alan C from UT--donation for FFRC
Henry & Wendi B--card with a donation for FFRC
Tom C from IL with Linda and Happy--donation for FFRC

Milford is keeping his leg dressings on....most of the time! That boy is either in full speed or sleeping like a log! One extreme to the other. So far this morning, we've had 16 visitors! The cats love it--the extra petting, brushing and attention is always welcomed. 

We are continuing to pack and ship all the Catathon things. Today we are packing up the raffle wins! Keep an eye on your deliveries--should be arriving soon! 

Enjoy your day. Know a family that may need help with spaying/neutering? Please, if you can, offer a little help. We are trying to help others in need here. We have also started our dispersing of dry cat food for those in need (not from donations, but food that has been given to FFRC for doing this purpose). Have a wonderful day.