Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday, June 6

Bam. Rocky Top and Carla Mae just collided. Zoom---there goes Unna running past with Mayumi hot on the trail. Chirp, chirp--Jemima is behind me calling her kittens....and here they come! Love it. Three of them are already rubbing against her. Jingle bells--Dickens is trying to tackle Teva who has the jingle ball. Not sure who is going to win that battle! Here comes Paddy Cake, doing his muffled meow, due to a coil toil in his mouth.  Life is never dull here! 

The health of the cats and kittens is good, for which I'm very thankful. We have routinely been giving the intranasal bordetella vaccine to everyone which we can start at 4 weeks. I do believe it's been a big help to us. 

We had an adoption yesterday. Beautiful Blyss went to her new home. She has a mom and dad already that loves her. She's going to be well loved.

We had BOXES last night. The cats and I are very grateful!
Laura H/Medic101--case of Fancy Feast
Lois & Cogo--bag of 500 crocheted mice!  awesome
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie from IA--3 cat dancer toys, krinkle tunnel, Tea Pot with infuser and a 6 variety of Chinese Tea
Beth/Eaglewatcher--4 cases Arnold Palmer Tea and 10 boxes of 1 ml syringes with needles (such a huge help!)
Justme/Kathy K--card with a donation for Feliz Navidad fund and a wonderful note about Magenta
Cheryl L from WA--picture of her doggies Mandy and Serenity, box tops and pop tabs. For kitties--snackers, lots of toys, balls, coils. For Jacci--PB and chocolate candy, lilac/milk bath bars, blue peace rock, office angel   For Catathon--lots of great items for individual baskets: baby items, cat pin, book of encouragement, DVDs, shower gel, calculators, kitty necklace, stickers, great books!
Gusti--donation in memory of Ernest for the Feliz Navidad Fund and in honor of Cliff's birthday for a treat for him and friends!
Faith M from MD--$11 donation in honor of upcoming 11 million views on ustream!
PSW--donation to help with Catathon miscellaneous expenses!

Let's have an Aileen talk. I would like you all to know a fuller story about Aileen. Things are a little worrisome. She has the bite wound which is healing nicely and is almost completely healed. Unfortunately, that tooth bite couldn't have bit a worse place. It appears to be directly between 2 vertebrae which means the nerve was hit. She also appears to have been shaken which has caused much damage, probably a very near complete tear of the nerve. So...while she's on antibiotics, steroids, laser treatments and Dr. Bill helping, I'm concerned. Our vets are involved. X-rays are not going to make a difference in the treatment or prognosis. It breaks my heart to think one second she was great and running and in a split second by a bite and shake, she's paralyzed. Yes, she can survive like this. But, here's the other worry. As time is going by, she seems to be losing the anal sphincter muscle tone. Not a good thing. We need more time to see what happens. Aileen is no longer wanting to stay in the back full time. She enjoys her fun times in the Main Area, so fun times she shall have. So, we shall be positive, we will love her and play with her and so much enjoy this sweetie.

We have another birthday today. Cliff is now 6 years old. He arrived here when he was just 1 year old. He is the only cat that we have ever had with a cleft palate.  Cliff is a Porchie.

We have the door open now to Dodger's Pen. If Brandywine would like to come out, she may. So far, she's chosen to stay put, with the kittens. But, I've noticed her looking out today. Her little black/white crew are so sweet. They're so little but bouncy! 

Karula seems to be stable. She enjoys her head rubs and pets. Suzie our oldest oldster spends much time sleeping. She enjoys eating! Today is a fun day--the Running of the Covies. It's so nice to see them zip out of their Cove. They explore everywhere on the farmyard. 

Have a great day. Won't be long until we start showing the Catathon baskets!