Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday, June 9

Shhhhh----Jersey is sleeping very very close to me! Isn't that wonderful. I love the trust he is showing more and more. The kittens are water-skating. The floor was just mopped and they've decided it's the best place to slip and slide and run and play. So much fun to watch.

The kittens are doing great. They are growing and showing wonderful personalities. Mama Smallisha is doing wonderful. Her 4 kittens now come out to the Main Area a couple times a day. They are so small, but so is mama. Yesterday we moved Brandywine and her 5 kittens to the Cat's Corner Room. They needed more space to tear around. The kittens just love to play! She's such a good mama. They are eating better by themselves. 

The Covies were barn-run-abouts twice over the weekend, on Friday and Sunday. They so love it. And they come back for Connie so nicely.....even Charlie this time! Sevaun always spends much time up close to the Rescue Center. I think that's because she likes Connie to carry her back. That's no small feat!

When Azar comes for his visits, we feed 12 Porchies at breakfast time. Wow--and they are all males. Such nice, big cats, so friendly. Defi is fitting right in now and has relaxed. He is now friends with the Porchies.

Lots of things coming up. Keep an eye on Facebook and FFRCNation's page for Catathon updates. Now that we have less than 2 weeks, I'll be showing Baskets and Big Ticket Items! Pre-registration is now going on! You can go to our website and find the link to do this. During the Catathon, we'll draw 3-4 names from those that pre-register. We have a great human-dew blanklet (twin bed size) to give away and also some cat print totes. 

Next Sunday is a big day. You will be able to see the Baskets and Big Ticket Items on our website! Also next Sunday starts our Catathon Raffle.  There are 13 items that will be up for Raffle. It starts anytime on Sunday and ends on Weds. at 3:00.  The drawing will take place during the Catathon, a couple each round will be drawn! The Raffle Items are various items--artwork, spa, bird, afghan, signature quilt, etc. Keep an eye open on the Facebook and FFRCNation for pictures and descriptions! 

The phone company will also be coming sometime soon to put in all the phone lines we need for the Catathon. When they think they have it in place, I'll ask the viewers to do lots of call-ins to check it, while the phone guys are still here! We've done this each year and the phone rings and rings! It's a great way to check the system, by using the viewer's help! 

As many of you already know, our sweet Suzie passed away Saturday morning. It was so very peaceful and quiet. Thursday her appetite slowed a bit and more so on Friday. She was visibly tired. Saturday morning as I worked at the computer, I held her and we loved on her. She just quietly stopped breathing. 28 years old--what a grand old girl she was. I have talked to the real mama of Suzie and she is glad she passed peacefully. We will be sending Suzie's ashes to her and we will have a memorial stone for her in Albert's Garden. Thank you for caring about her.

We had an adoption this weekend! Little Blyss went to her new home. Such a beautiful little kitten! We also had a return--kitten Jessie. It was realized that her mama has severe allergies. She's doing great and already has another hold on her!  We also had a 10 year old cat returned. Her name is Chalet. She's a beautiful long hair grey/white female.  Her original owners that adopted her here at FFRC have both passed away. She then went to her Auntie who is now in a nursing home. I talked to her this weekend and she misses Chalet but cannot have her there. I will be sending her pictures.  She's doing great other than not use to the other cats as she's been a single cat. 

We have thank yous to give! You are appreciated!
Neil M from MO--our dear friend--donation for FFRC
Janet L from NY--donation in honor of little Aileen
Sally H--donation in memory of Putter, Magenta and Suzie and to purchase bird seed for all the cats to enjoy the feeders!
Ron & Cecily R from CT--donation in memory of Putter's birthday
Andrea W from PA--donation to FFRC
Ellen E--sent boxes of greeting cards for a new item in our website store (starting 6/15!). These are awesome cards, each with a picture of one of our FFRC cats on the front and a bit of info on the back about that cat and FFRC.  Very nice!
Peggy K from NH--donation in memory of sweet Magenta
April S--donation in honor of Aileen
Yellow Rose from TX--Sunday visitor--case of Fancy Feast, 4 gallons bleach, small paper plates, candy for volunteers, Clorox wipes and kitty snackers

Thomas wanted me to know he's been seizure-free for 5 weeks now! How wonderful is that!

We ran the concessions for the Dance Recital this weekend. Friday night, Saturday morning & evening and Sunday afternoon.  I want to send a special thanks to those that helped--Becky M, Dawn E, Tabbycat, Lorean, Julie, Jimmy, Bill and Angie, Kelley,  Kathy R and Steve. Very much appreciate all the help. We profited approximately $850!! The dancing was so beautiful and graceful!

The sun is shining, got enough rain yesterday to make everything clean and fresh and the cats are happy! A great Monday is here.