Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday, June 12

Little Archer is now up in the Main Area. This is a wee kitten (about 5 weeks old) that arrived about a week ago. He was found on an archery coarse, crying his little head off. Two men saw him, on round 5. When they reached Round 7, they still could hear him. Back they went, scooped him up and brought him here. Oh my, what a doll he is. A little tuxie kitten that has torpedo legs--it's full speed ahead for this tyke. It took a while to show him since we didn't get to get him tested until yesterday due to dehydration. But, all is well now.

We had two adoptions this morning! Little Tita and Misty went to their new homes together. The family that found Misty and the litter, has been waiting for weeks to adopt these two kittens. They had to wait until both were spayed. Tita and Teva were both spayed yesterday since they reached the proper weight. Tita and Misty are going into a home where they will be thoroughly spoiled!

We had BOXES last night--you are appreciated!
Anonymous Friend--10 packs of 9 inch plates
Nona--2 cases of KMR for the kittens
Andrea from CA--lots of yarn in blues, purples, reds, pink, greens and yellow for our knitters and crocheters!
Caren F--case of large Friskies cans, case of Friskies Pate and a case of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers
Susan3--2 cases baby food
Widdletiger/Elizabeth--500 styrofoam plates
Di S and Tabitha--Tabitha talked another friend into more paper towels! She's been making some real pretty designed nesting beds lately!
Lu-Little and Benny---donation in memory of Aileen, Riika and Suzie.
Gusti--donation in memory of Aileen and in honor of Coralie's birthday
Ted E from CA--donation in memory of Aileen
Jakesmeowmy--donation to be used wherever needed

We have another Petfinder report. The top 12 cats viewed are: Liberti, Camvi, Kerri Kat, Emily, Daisy, Ming, Preakness, Emma Jo, Merle, Tabitha, Karena and Whisk.  I realize that the Petfinders is terribly behind.  As soon as I get some extra time, it'll be caught up.

Lorenzo has been doing much less circling. He gets his pill only twice a week and it sure seems to have helped him with this. He is such a sweet boy. Karula is still hanging in there, but is obviously showing signs of slowing down. We know a bit more of her history. For a year before she came here, she was being fed by a neighbor of my son and family. She was kept outdoors which is where it appeared that she enjoyed. But, then it became obvious that she could no longer see. Whatever life she has to give, we will show her kindness and love. 

I've already heard from Tita and Misty's new family--both are doing good and have already found the litterboxes.  Way to go, kitties!

Happy Birthday to Coralie. She is two years old today. She arrived here this past winter with terrible frostbite. Yes, she's a bit sassy with the other cats at times, but oh my goodness, this cat loves us people and we sure love her! She has been sharing her meals lately with the kittens. She loves the lower "cave" on the bottom of the Feline Snoozer. She can't get in by herself, but she sure tries. Today Elizabeth realized the one sloped ramp fits perfect there for Coralie. We've practiced with her already.

Nobbin is doing great. He was playing yesterday so he obviously feels better. Unna is a charmer. Her little splint looks gigantic on her small leg. But, we keep telling her, it's only for 2 weeks. She already has some signatures on her splint! The other cats are jealous! She's a toughie and a loverbug. 

That Lorenzo makes us laugh. He loves to go into June's Room where Smallisha's kittens are. He just joins right in with them in their basket. It's so cute to see these 4 little kittens and 1 big cat napping together. Jessie, the oldster, jumps thru the window door of the dog's room and naps with them. Solee still begs (and receives) her little treat of baby cat kitten food each morning. 

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