Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Weds., June 25

I'm still floating from such a wonderful Catathon! We have a good amount of the Baskets, Raffle, orders and Big Ticket Items already packed and will go for shipping out today. Some even left FFRC yesterday! So...start looking in the mail! Things will be arriving. Please, as always, don't hesitate if there is an error in any order.  We try for all to be correct, but we also know that errors can happen. 

Here's some interesting Catathon facts!  We had 558 bids in 3.5 hours---that comes to 168 per hour or 2.8 per minute!  Raffle total was $4,340, with an average of $271.25 per Raffle. Baskets total was $8,475, with an average of $188 per Basket.  Big ticket Items total was $16,570, including Putter's blanket.  Per BTI, the average was $690.41.  Wow---very impressive!

The kittens are running like crazy--I think they have jumping beans in their tummies! Such energy levels--it's amazing. Coralie has mastered getting up the ramp to get to her favorite cozy spot. Jemima acts like a kitten when she's playing with the big coil springs. We had Jatkat up to the Main Area for about 1/2 hour this morning, then she went to the door to go in the back. We'll keep practicing with her. 

Sounds like Kizzi is doing good in her new home with Buckeye. Nice to see the pictures of her in her new home. Bella was out quite a bit yesterday in the dog kennel, laying in the big red poof. Leave it to Bella--she knows how to enjoy life! August is here in the front office, playing with the kittens. So nice to see.

We will have BOXES tonight! We also have a few more thank yous to give.
Yankeechick/Terese--provided lunch for all of us here at FFRC yesterday. It was delicious!
WickedWings/Donia--provided a special pillow with a cat design from her Grandma that we put in our store. 
Kelly L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Kathy R from PA--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal in memory of Billypogo's grandma
Gloria K--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Joanna H from Finland--donation for anything that is needed

We took in a new kitten yesterday. Her name is McHoney (another past Name that Cat). . She's a torti and just a little bit of a baby. She's 5 1/2 weeks old, loves to play and looks fairly good.  She was found by herself. Welcome, little girl. 

Let's talk Charden.  This is our little buff boy who came in with maggots and the degloved tail. I talked to the chatters a bit last night about him. He is in trouble. This sweet boy has multiple problems which we are having a great deal of difficulty getting thru. Our vets have been on his case and has been offering many different types of action to try. But what has basically happened, his nerves that tell his brain it's time to go potty (both poo and pee) are not working. So, he continues to "fill up". While I've been able to keep the bladder emptied by bladder punctures, this can not be continued. Please....know that we have tried many many different things to counter his problems all to no avail. Regardless of what the outcome is, know that this boy is so deeply loved and cared for and he knows and feels it. 

I again feel the need to encourage everyone to stay on the positive side. We are a rescue here, not a resort. We get in some pretty hard cases. Rarely do we take in anything that is in great health. We work very hard at obtaining great health for each though. I will always stay on the positive side, focusing on what is good and what we CAN do, not what we can't do. I'll always be grateful for the direction of peace, kindness and being positive.  Let that other "stuff" go on by itself. 

Let's also talk about Milford. Oh my, that boy makes me laugh. He is one extremely active little boy. Constantly on the go, always moving, purrs with a truck motor and just is a happy boy. He also has 2 bent, rubbery legs (both back legs), another victim of a throw out the car kitten. He doesn't actually care about that as he's too busy. He's lifting weights I do believe, because he sure can book it around here---so fast! Last night it was noticed that he has sores on both back legs---from dragging them around. So, leg wraps have been applied, twice so far. The way he moves around, they slip and come off. But the wounds look better. We're trying to wait until our next surgery date which is Monday, July 7th. We know for sure one leg will be amputated as there's absolutely no use of that leg. We're still hoping for a bit of improvement on the other one. The problem with his legs, versus Seymour is that Seymour can keep his behind him, but not Milford. They flip-flop in any direction and are a hinderance, always getting in his way. Anyway--in the meantime, he's growing, doing better with the litterbox and is a joy!

Take care, have an awesome day. Start looking for a Catathon delivery!