Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday, June 14

Eight.  There are eight kittens playing around my desk.  No way better to get work done than with a kitten play!Jemima is sitting off to the side, just watching the kittens. She's such a wonderful mama.  Unna is doing great. Her splint is still on, although it's slipped a tiny bit. She's not crying anymore with discomfort. She's also figured out how to get up the steps, climb onto the flower bed and play with little discomfort. What a brave baby she is. 

Nobbin is also doing good. His site of the enucleation is a bit swollen, but acceptable. This is a class 1 loverbug! He's still on antibiotics.  Thomas had a seizure yesterday. This was his first one in 6 weeks. We call this a breakthrough seizure.  Doesn't mean too much unless he has another one soon. It happens when dealing with seizure cats. We'll keep a sharp eye on him. 

Walter is doing so much better with his circling. He doesn't do it nearly as often as he was. His medicine is now only twice a week and it seems to be helping with this. He's more relaxed. We sure love this boy. What a joy he is. Bella had her outside time yesterday. She got to be with the dogs for an hour in the morning in their outside fenced in area. Her big red poof was there too. There's no way Bella can get out of the dog fence, but we still watch her. She was a happy camper!

We have thanks to give from BOXES on Thursday night. You are so kind and appreciated.
Gusti--donation for Karula, our oldster
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC, to use wherever needed
Cogo--donation for Archer kitty
Pat, volunteer--another cat pad that she made
Pat & Ellen, Defiance--10pkgs  9 inch paper plates and 10 pkgs 6 paper plates
Maddysnana--pkg. styrofoam plates
Oilsandsgirl/Sheila--24 large cans tuna
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie from IA--300 6 inch paper plates
Autumnkitty--2 Chuck It balls for dog basket, case of Chicken Soup for Kitty Lovers Soul, case of FF Appetizers
Dewitty--14 hand towels all colors
Karen B from Defiance--Chief tapes & coupons
Nona--donation for baby food!
Betz--thank you card with donation

We have taken in another little kitten. His name is Pablo, another name from our list of "Cat Names to Use".  This little orange tiger kitten was just found--don't know how this happens so much. But anyway, no mama, no siblings.  He is 5 1/2 weeks old. Such a rambunctious little kitten--already knows the joy of playing and being loved on. He pretty much forced his way into the Main Area a day early. He came up last night after we had to retrieve him many many times from squeezing thru the door! He knew there were friends on this side of the door!

This weekend marks the beginning of showing you all the Baskets and Big Ticket Items for the Catathon. Go to our website at  Click on the link. You'll be able to view the baskets and descriptions of them.  There are a couple baskets without pics--we're working on that.  

Tomorrow also starts the beginning of our Catathon Raffle!  Check it out on FFRCNation and Chatters FB. You'll see the 6 items for the raffle. There's some individual items, some baskets--quite a mix! Raffle tickets are $5 each. You can buy tickets for any item and in any amount. Good luck!  The winners will be drawn during the Catathon on 6/22.  

Why do we have a Catathon? This is our major fundraiser for the year. Plain and simple, we are in need.  Following are a few of our bigger bills:
Shelter House  --  $13,000  (this is our main construction for the year. Normally we add on to the Rescue  Center, but this year we decided on the Shelter House.
2nd Sewer System--$4,400  (this was unexpected. We thought we were done with the sewer project.  Unbeknownst to us, our initial sewer project still had a thread of sewer lines that were not attached to the main one. Had to be done, says the county. 
Electrical Work --  $4,500   This was a much needed project. We had used our lines to way over capacity we were no longer safe. New poles, new lines, way more amps, correct hook ups--now we are safe!
Insurance Coverage  $3,500   Something we don't like to think about, but has to happen

If by chance we go over this amount of fundraising, our General Account is very sorely in need. It will be applied here.    

Smallisha's kittens are out most of the day now. They're such small kittens, as are Brandywine's.  Her kittens are out and about too most of the day. At night, they pile into their own perspective rooms (they know which rooms are which) where they get a gruel feast and then they settle in for the night. 

I want to say a special thanks to our mods and admins. They are a great team. They help keep us G-rated and do this because they care about FFRC. They represent me and FFRC--we want others to know we are about kindness, friendship, understanding. We enjoy the friendships that we make on the chat and in our fb pages and FFRCNation page. I thank you all for the patience and kindness that you show too, to each other in chat and fb pages too. It's amazing the community that we have made with each other! Thank you!