Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday, January 11

Now it's raining Fancy Feast Appetizers. Someone asked last week what we were low on and at that time we had one case of Appetizers left. Now they are arriving and we are so grateful. I am beyond humbled and amazed at the support you all give to this rescue center. We are indeed blessed by what you do for us and for your friendship. Every night, before bedtime, I go over what has happened for the day and each day ends in thankfulness. By the way, it really is raining outside too! It this was snow, we'd have a lot of it! The temps are warm and almost all of our snow is gone. Whiskers is dreaming of more snow to come so he can play again with the snowflakes coming down!

Gallant is playing! Actual cat-playing and enjoying it! He is a real joy to watch--he's like a kitten discovering the fun of playing. He obviously has been around other cats as he's very comfortable with them. He and Joyful still spend their nights in Cat's Corner Room. They are fine together. Joyful is coming towards us more often (after being coaxed) to be petted. We still have a long ways to go to get her to not grumble when we pick her up. But, we're patient!

Yesterday, Janet and Val went over to Judy S's house to see Judy's cats. They had a very nice time and enjoyed seeing the cats in their own home. Saturday is their last full day with us. It's been very nice to have Val here this week with her FFRC cats--they are wonderful and love their mama. Sunday starts Janet's trip back to New Zealand. I will miss her very very much. She's become a big part of FFRC. Maybe a snowstorm will happen?

Okay--little Pushkiss has appointed himself my secretary. He has succeeded in totally erasing some of this blog into cyberspace, has played with the keyboard to the point where I can't make out my own words and he's purring his little head off!! I told him he could have 30 seconds of keyboard playing (after saving what I've already typed), so here goes: slllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllnfalks;eifghaslkdddddddddeeddddddoi3 333333333333333[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[     [[[[[[[SSSSSSSSSfkkkkkkkkkk     That's it--he's done! I've now put him in a room to play! His interpretation is: I love FFRC, but soooo happy to be adopted with my brother! 

Tomorrow is a very important event. Mayor Anony came a knocking at the door yesterday. He has news for all of us that he would like to deliver tomorrow to all of his friends. You are invited to listen to his "The State of the City" speech. It's at 11:00 am, on the cam. Queen Bella and Porchie Hank have baked him in his speech making. Hope you can join us. He's also requested one of those special lunches to be served to all of Kitty City Covie residents after his speech (specifically a mix of tuna, salmon and sardines-yummm)!

Let's have a day of Appreciation for our Moderators. We have the world's best Mods--truly do. These moderators do this "job" out of the goodness of their hearts. It is NOT an easy job. Day after day, they give hours and hours to FFRC, because they WANT to. Can you imagine what they go thru?! Some are literally on for hours at a time. They sit and read the chat, keeping an eye open for trolls, trying to keep the chat light hearted and positive, keeping it safe for kids to read too, helping all to abide by the Chatters Rules of Conduct. There are literally over a thousand different viewers that come on daily. At times, there are 600-700 viewers on at one time. Now, THAT is a big job for our moderators, but they do it because they care. So, please have patience with our mods when you may feel wronged. They are human too and sometimes they too have a rough day. They truly have the best interest of FFRC in their hearts. Please give them a big thanks when you are on chat today! I think they are wonderful and I thank each and every one of them.

We had BOXES last night! The cats wanted me to pass on their thanks---lots of meowing going on, which means Thank YOU!!!
Cheri B--Senses Cat Design Turbo Trac and a case of Huggies/Kitties eye/face wipes
Gramma June for Derecho and friends--Meowstard (a gravy with omega fatty vitamins added to it for skin/fur) and a Mouse go Around which is a big hit! 
Nicki M--2 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Julie P--2 door stops (thanks--we need this to keep June's Room door open!) and a quiet time deluxe kitty pad
Patty V/middiemom04--case of Fancy Feast grilled, case of fish & shrimp and a case of Appetizers. Also a big bag of Purina One for Adults, Purina One Indoor Advantage and a Purina One Kitten--the cats love this dry food
Jane W/calico17 from MA--Christmas card and a donation to help with surgeries (Feliz Navidad fund)
Beth C/pet_faery from CT--Christmas card and note and a donation in memory of all the pets that have gone over to the Rainbow Bridge
Gretchen S--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Thomas M from CO--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

Voting status: We're still #1 in Ohio and still #1 overall.  Our lead for first place is very slim--it's a tight race. Please remember to vote for FFRC! GO to

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