Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday, January 31

Please, vote, vote, vote! Oh my, this voting race gets tighter and tighter every day.I do believe I have 5 more grey hairs because of it! I thank each and every one of you for your votes. This is the kind of race that we can't let slip by us. Please make sticky notes to remind you to vote! Ask people to help us by giving us just one more vote! Thanks ever so much for your support. We will always run this rescue center to the best of our abilities--to have happy, healthy cats and to find awesome, loving indoor homes. And to help reduce the cat overpopulation problem by spaying and neutering.

Where did this month go? Hard to believe tomorrow will be February. Each day brings us closer to baby season. Now is the time to get those cats spayed/castrated. If you have a cat that is not neutered yet, or are feeding outside cats, it's important to schedule those surgeries. Cats that give birth in March, can possibly have 4-5 litters before the next winter. Those kittens that are born in March, can possibly have kittens themselves in the late fall. a part of the solution, not a part of the overpopulation problem.

Doce is growing up! He was playing in the house, had to potty, and RAN to his crate to use the litterbox. What a big boy! He's so darn cute. Here's this 1 pound kitty, playing with my 10 pound cats! He's learning how to behave and mind his manners. He also likes to sleep beside Steve on the couch.

We had BOXES last night! I'm very grateful
 Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Friskies Senior salmon (one of Magenta's favorites)
Julie P--bag of Blue Buffalo sensitive dry food for Joebob, from Sophie and Tiger (they think he's kinda cute!)
Dawnstar from UK--toys for FFRC from   These are awesome super catnipped toys from Evad!
Lois L--case of Fancy Feast baby can food, case of Fancy Feast marinate morsals, case of Fancy Feast classics
Widdletigger--2 Purple bath mats for Derecho in hopes that he is a Ravens fan!
Jatcat--a wonderful quiet hair dryer with a stand
Arden & Charmaine--case of Reese Sardines (yummy!), 2 cases of Friskies fillets, case of Friskies shreds
Sandy--300 of the 9 inch styrofoam plates
Cantoncat--from Omaha Steaks: cheese cake, carrot cake and a chocolate cake, 2 bags snackers for dogs/cats and 2 packages of dog cookies
Carolyn--2 cases of appetizers, 3 lysol wipes and a case of Fancy Feast classic
Anonymous Friend--case of Fancy Feasta gravy lovers and a case of Nine Lives canned
Lizmol from MI--coupons, chocolate dipped pretzels, individual Starbucks & Hawaiian coffee packets, salmon, baby food, blue fleece jammie bottoms, 1 can of beneful medley   Her kitties are Ginny & Ariel
Pat L & Sandi from KS--letter from Pat and picture of Sandy, 2 packages of dog treats, 6 packs of kitty snackers, Busy Bones for the dogs, seed bell for birds, bag of handmade spiral toys, Meow Mix packs, 6 beautiful handmad cat bed pads and canned cheese, pop tabs for Kellen
Kerswill with letter from Domino, along with Amber--Hoops & Yoyo card, picture of persian Snowflake, bag of horse goodies, Appetizers, Fancy Feast, feather toys, Glorious Cat Book (Leslie Ann Ivory), box tops and pop tabs for Kellen, hand lotion, lysol wipes, bounce sheets, note pads & 3 bed heaters 20 x 10's and 2 indoor heating pads
Jean & Cindy (Bev M's daughters)--this was an extra extra special box. These items were requested by Bev, to be sent to FFRC. I'm so grateful and honored.
Brass plate holder for a plate with 2 kitties and a rose, 2 laying down ceramic kitty statues and a big standing white ceramic kitty, jewelry--all cat related, crystal kitty candle holder, meezer statue and a kitty decoration for a window. From the bottom of my heart--thank you
Peggy/leggygal & Dewitty--60, yes folks, we said SIXTY fleece blankets (can be used for FFRC, given to adopted cats and also can be sold. Check that info out below)

This Friday 6 pm to Saturday 6 pm starts the first of our 3 afghan auctions. Two will be OPEN BIDS on the chatters facebook, and the 3rd will be CLOSED BID to a special e-mail address. The first one will be a beautiful full of colors one, with a chain design by Linda/Clemm. This one starts this Friday. The second one will be a multiple colored afghan made by Dave, a CLOSED auction on, on Feb. 8-9. The third one is a white/blue/aqua afghan, made by Linda/Clemm that will be an OPEN auction on Feb. 15-16. Many thanks to Dave and Linda for these afghans. We'll have fun with this!

Also, starting at BOX TIME, is "Let's get those oldies but goodies adopted". Check out ffrc chatters fb page and the regular ffrc facebook for special stories about some of our teenagers and cats that have been here for a while. We would love to find them wonderful homes. The stories, of course, are by our Cantoncat friend. After box time, we have a few games to play with you all, to test your cat knowledge and your know-how on some of the FFRC cats! This will be fun too!

The construction guys are here! Even in the snow flurries, slight wind and cold, they came! What a wonderful day this will be--a day of building the Kitty Kabana!

Belda wants to make sure we realize that SHE'S not up for adoption! She's a keeper!