Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday, January 4th

We now have water in the FFRC bathroom and in Thumper's Room! The pipes are unfrozen and none of them broke. Good news indeed. We brought up straw bales from the barn and put 4 of them on the weather wall of Thumper's Room. It became unfrozen late afternoon yesterday. So, today, we let it drip. Here's the problem: Zavatar LOVES water. He keeps jumping up there and playing with the water drips and then presses down on the handle so it stops dripping! I told him he needs to stop that, but the look he gave me meant that my request was not possible!

We got Gallant and Joyful moved yesterday to Cat's Corner Room. They are doing pretty good. Gallant seemed to have had a rough day--a little sore, so we've bumped up his pain meds again to what we had them last week. He'll get his scrub bath this morning. He sure can purr. Someone called Joyful's "condition" PTSD. I hadn't thought of it in that way, but actually, this is very true. We will work very hard in gaining her love and trust so she feels happy with people. She does purr, so that's a start!

We had BOXES last night! The cats are lined up here beside me, saying a big thank you!
David/wolfpatch--4 cases of baby food
Bev M--2 BIG pink poofs for Bella & friends, 5 cases of baby food and krinkle mylar toys and plastic spring coils
Patty V/Middiemom04--13 of the 20 pound jugs of litter (!!!), gift card and 10 big cans of KMR
Nancy G/Kerswill--fish scratcher toy with catnip
Jatcat from CA--For covies: lots of soft, warm blankets. For FFRC: 2 big towels, washcloths, assortment of batteries of various sizes, BIG flashlight with 2 attached smaller ones--for emergencies, walking the farmyard, etc.
Walmart--a check for Pat's volunteer hours!  Pat works there and gets credit for her volunteerism
Trudy S from Bryan, OH--donation for FFRC
Debra S and kitty Sammy Jo from LA--note dog card from Guilding Eyes Dog School and a donation for FFRC

We had bubbles yesterday! We have a bubble machine and used it a few times for the cats to play. They sure seem to love this. Telo, Linden and Dennison especially loves to reach up and pop the bubbles! I timed Bella yesterday. She was in one of the poofs yesterday for 4 hours straight, napping. She loves those poofs!

Doce is still doing good. He had an "off afternoon" yesterday, but more than made up for it during the night time, as he woke up TWICE to be fed! Weber has those extra toes of his down pat. He's very very good at snagging toys while running. We saw Goodness running around yesterday carrying one of the big stuffed rats. Now, that was fun to watch. She'd growl and dare another cat with it, then take off running!

Emaline is doing great, as is Putter. Both are still firmly "stuck" in the house. If they go to the door, I'll open it in case they want to go out to the Rescue Center. Emaline just turns and runs, but occasionally, Putter will come out. Their weights are good and their attitudes are good. Both feeling great.

Monday we have an Advisory Meeting. Then on Tuesday , we have vet appointments for Engelina (x-ray for her elbow), Joe-Bob (to be neutered) and Gallant (to have his burns checked). A busy day that will be.

Sylvia--looking so pretty!