Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday, January 23

Winter is certainly here. Not in the snow, but in the cold. Yesterday was a very interesting day. As you may know, we woke to no furnace in the house and completely frozen pipes--on the entire property. So, the "pump guy" came, determined all the main pipes in the pit (we're on well water), A heater was put down there to thaw things out--mid afternoon, finally, we had water! Except, for in Thumper's Room and the little bathroom--these pipes are different and are still frozen today. Have to work on this problem. We have a heater going in Thumper's Room to try and thaw those pipes. The furnace in the house started heating again mid afternoon also! Then last night, Beth (our guest in Kitty Kastle) came up to the Rescue Center and said we had a flood in KK. Yep, we sure did. Clear out onto the porch, the bathroom and the kitchenette area. Water was turned off, mopping began, big rug pulled out, and the floor dried. A plumber will be called today.Lots of laundry to do. Beth is such a good sport about all this! What a day yesterday was. Today HAS to be better! These are the days we make a choice--pout about it or get with it and still enjoy the day! We have survived and will stay "with it" and be grateful for another day!

The Porchies are fine--their sunporch is dry and fresh rugs put down. They even got a heated breakfast this morning! We have moved Micah to Dodger's Pen. He likes to go up high, where we couldn't reach him, so early this mornng, he has been moved to this nice big pen. It's people-friendly--we can reach right in and give him a good petting and head rub, which he likes. Haylow is here on my desk--all stretched out for a belly rub.

Many thanks to:
Joseph V--a PayPal donation to FFRC
Sikiu T--a PayPal donation to FFRC
Bernie & Peggy G from NY--a PayPal donation--sent to FFRC since they couldn't send warm temps!
Caren F from CA--a paypal donation to help with the extra costs from our water problems
Janet/Janak--a PayPal donation, in memory of our friend, Bev M

Many thanks to Angie and Bill who brought us in a water supply yesterday, and took several loads of laundry to do in their home for FFRC. Big thanks to Beth too who went to the grocery store and brought back many gallons of water. Beth also supplied FFRC with 2 nice space heaters to help wherever we need extra heat source. 

Doce sure enjoyed his playpen time yesterday. We'll do that again today. He is eating and playing like a little kitten--no longer a fragile newbie. He loves to have the company of the cats around him. Tried a little can food with him last night--nothing doing. He wanted his bottle/syringe! That's ok--we're enjoying him while he's so little. 

Please remember to vote. This race for the $10,000 is a very tight race. Each and every vote is important. Please ask your friends and e-mail friends to help us! 

Ta-da!!!!!!! We received our $1,000 check yesterday from PetFinders/Animal Rescue Shelter Challenge Site yesterday for having the most votes for the first week! FFRC is so grateful for this.

If you would like an FFRC cookbook, we still have some left. This is the first print and it's wonderful! It's $22. Just check our website  Click on theSHOP NOW link and you will see it. We also still have Canton's Stories, Putter Magnets, FFRC mouse pads, Bondi Bands, Catstock CD, key fobs and woven coasters. 

Boing is doing great and learning to play with the other cats. He's relaxing. Darilyn is still into head-licking and hair-chewing--on humans! What a sweetie she is. Pania and Miss Dove girl shared their breakfast again this morning. We cleaned Joyful's eye already this morning--she and her eye seems improved. She didn't fuss as much about us holding her. We're determined to go slow and easy with her and let her know we care.

Engelina--inside the fish bed.