Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday, January 24

We have water! We have water! Yes, just this morning the pipes unfroze in Thumper's Room and the little bathroom. The slow drip is on, so we don't refreeze. This is the plan--the contractor that builds for us was here yesterday. They will remove the water lines from between the walls and put them on the inside. That should eliminate this problem! The plumber was also here yesterday--he put all new "innards" in the toilet of Kitty Kastle. He also snaked the sewer line with a 108' snake--quite a ways! So...we shall see what happens. You'll see the plumber still off and on today and tomorrow. In checking on things, we found the toilet in the house was "sinking"--yes, sinking and very much needs to be fixed. That is now on the Moss agenda. Right now, it's still cold outside, but the sun is shining!

We had BOXES last night! Thanks so very much for your support. 
Jacquiline M from Georgia--14 packages of Temptation treats (cats love these!)
Sonjamac--3 cases of food--Friskies Gravy Sensations, Friskies tuna an Friskies Pate'
Jan B/Alliecat from FL--gift from her sister, to FFRC, in honor of Jan's birthday--an Undercover Mouse toy (what a great toy--lots of interaction)
Sevren--case of large cans of Friskies Supreme supper
Warpedinmn/Connie S--2 big bags of Iams kitten dry food
Julie P/Tigercat54--hello kitty lanyard (for a boxcutter) and a paw print lanyard (for cell phone if it works that way)
Anonymous Friend--coupons
Phylis B--coupons
Gallant via Special Cat Network & Kitties of Ordinary Divs House--poster of Mutts cartoon "Saving One Kitty at a Time".  I love this poster--really nice. Thanks Gallant and his friend for sending it!
Jim & Kathy T and their kitty Callie--donation to FFRC, for their support of Emaline
Allison L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Douglas P from Ontario--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Bonnie P from CA--donation for FFRC to help with the water/plumbing problems

We also received the $1,000 check from Petfinder for coming in with the most votes for the first week of the contest! Just wonderful! Thanks to all of your votes! Please continue pushing those votes for us. Our lead is slim. It's a very close contest. 

The new toy Undercover Mouse is an awesome toy--the cats love it. This mornng, we had it on and there were 15 cats checking it out. Derecho gets all excited--he loves to catch it! Paddy Cake and Obadiah put on quite a show chasing it last night! 

Doce continues to do great. He was discovered INSIDE the food dish yesterday. Yes....that little rascal was holding out on me. He was crunching and munching that dry food down like a pro! But, he still likes his formula too! What a sweetie he is. His purrer works really good!

If you like jewelry and would possibly like a piece with an FFRC cat on it, check out our friends site--it's   For every piece ordered, they donate to FFRC! If you'd like to check out our Zazzle account (it's all FFRC related items), go to

We've heard from the family that adopted Jaina and Dolan--all is fine and happy there. Also heard from Basil's owner. He's doing good as well. Always nice to hear these things.

Micah is out and about now. He's pretty much staying in the front office, but he goes in and out of Dodger's Pen on his own. He is so handsome. He's feeling more comfortable. He sure loves looking out the window. 

Tizzie--a beautiful black cat, ready to be adopted!