Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday, January 5

Saturday, January 5

Happy weekend! Time keeps marching on. Do you realize that in a few months, female cats will be going into heat? The days will be longer, temperature warmer and presto--many cats are in heat. PLEASE, if you have a cat that is intact, whether it be a female or male, NOW is the time to get he/she spayed/neutered. Don't wait until spring. There are so many low cost spay/neuter clinics around--check into it if finances is a reason for not spaying/neutering. There are NOT enough homes for all the cats and kittens "out there". Help us by helping them--spay and neuter. If you have cats in your neighborhood that is unowned, but people take care of them, these cats are the biggest reproducers. They need spayed/neutered also. It is possible for a mama cat, starting in early spring to late fall, to have FOUR litters. Kittens that are born in April have the possibility of having their own kittens in the late fall. I've been checking with other rescues/shelters and everyone's adoption rates are LOW. Mostly due to the economy. Please don't let a single kitten be born, that has a high chance of not having a home.

Here is our weekly PetFinder report. Our top 12 kittens/cats that were viewed are: Badu, Engelina, Audrey, Boulder, Coca-Cola, Weber, Graciela, Octavia, Dahnay, Buckeye, Miau and Georgia. Such wonderful cats!

We had BOXES last night. So much to be grateful for.
Philipcleonj--3 cases of baby food, variety of flavors
Kerswill/Nancy G--spring toys, 2 catdancer bowtie chasers, a new NET TUNNEL!!!, and a big bag of Precious Cat Litter
Cheryl G--case of Fancy Feast grilled, 12 cans of KMR liquid, Catnip cat dancer (maybe Pania will like this!), 10 cans of Reeses sardines, bag of Royal Canin baby dry
Nancyerin--Stunt Pilot cat toy (big hit!), Royal Canin Persian formula, Big Mama "scratch a Rama" mat
Caren F--case of Friskies Poultry and case of Friskies Fillets
Middiemom04/Patty V--6 boxes of assorted flavor Appetizers, and a bag of Appetizers too
Anonymous Friend--12 jars of baby food
Joyce D from CA and Kathy D from NC--clementines, 3 denim corn bag warmers, safety letter opener, White Out, pop tabs for Kellen.  Lots of things to replenish our first aid kit--safety scissors (thank you!), 2x2, 3x3 gauze pads, tape, cloth tape, conform tape, band aids, taga-derm and box of gloves. Thanks!
BevM--2 tan leopard & 2 grey leopard cat pads for the Covies (and one goes to help Doce!) and lots of spring coil toys and krinkle toys
Julie P--2 packages of spring toys and 2 cases of Appetizers
Dewitty--2 cases of Fancy Feast (1 grilled/1medleys), case of Friskies bits
Newfiedogmom--case of KMR liquid, 6 bags of VitaGravy, 2 boxes of baby food, box of Arm & Hammer litter and a case of Royal Canin can food
Domingo F from Italy--a PayPal donation for FFRC
Malgorzata P--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal

There's still time yet to submit your recipe for the FFRC cookbook II. Please do this, as not only are the recipes great, but it's fun to see all of our FFRC friend's names in the book! Go to:

Here are a few other FFRC related sites--might be fun to check them out!

If you are still interested in purchasing one of our wonderful FFRC Catstock CD, you can go to our website ( and go to the CD picture that is labeled Catstock CD is Here. The songs on it are specifically for FFRC, by Mike Chamberlain. It's really nice!

Voting begins Monday, Jan. 7. Please mark your calendar, ask your family to vote, spread the news to e-mail friends and facebook friends. The stake is higher this time! Instead of the normal $5,000 prize, it is now $10,000. We have to come in first place, in this first quarter (remember, we won this for 2012!!). Can vote at:  We can do it!!

Joyful is progressing each day to being happier and more relaxed. Doce had a good day yesterday. He loves to purr and can toddle around a little bit! Dove is awesome and still is sharing June's Room with Pania. Miau's tan spot on her head is now almost gone--just the grey mark is left. We've been doing bubbles still--the cats love it and will even reach up in the air to pop a bubble. County loves watching the birds--he's at the bird window quite often. Our pipes are still unfroze. Cutie is feeling good and eating better again.

It's so much fun playing with bubbles!