Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday, January 17

That Court is an absolute nut! He is here in the front office, running from one end of the cat walks to the other end, turning around and doing it again. Thud, thud, thud--sounds like an elephant running! Such a wonderful cat with a huge love for people. He's so much fun. We truly need to find him a home soon. 

Update on the new-upcoming SunRoom. The footers were poured yesterday. It will be an 8 foot by 20 foot room, with the 6 BIG windows in it. I'd love to see yellow cat shelfs, maybe do the floor in the yellow epoxy,  yellow window trim--all to show that sunshine is welcome! The cats will LOVE this Sunroom when it's done. Today the floor will be poured, then several days of drying. Maybe on the outside, below the windows (they'll be low to ground for kitty viewing), we could have a garden (a ROCK garden, of course!) By the way, just wanted to further mention, like I said yesterday, this project is already 90% paid for by money gifted specifically to go towards construction improvement! It was donated strictly for the fun of building this! 
So....let's enjoy!

We are still in #1 in state and #1 in overall. We are just sooooo close though--there's only a .64% (yes, point 64%) difference between us and 2nd place. Please vote! We've decided to make a pact! Instead of saying how many times a person has voted in a day, please just put "I've voted" or "Done voting", etc. This will be just fine to say that! 

As you may know already, one of our webcam friends has passed away. BevM died last night from liver cancer. Bev was a friend to FFRC--showed her support in many ways--e-mails, donations, moral support, votes. Just recently she had sent our new bread (food) box for the counter. We just got it put together last night and the glue is dry this morning, so it will be placed on the counter for use. This is what is amazing to me--we never physically met Bev, yet she became such a good friend. I know we will all miss her in the cam chat. Prayers for her family. 

Magenta is doing great. She is back 100%. Jonah is still back in Kitty City and feeling a bit better .Zavatar had to have his feet wiped--he decided to walk the whole 20 feet of the newly poured footers yesterday! His footprints are forever more there--unfortunately todays concrete will cover it up! 

This evening is when Penn and Teller's family will be arriving. They are planning on the boys spending a couple nights with them in Kitty Kastle. That will be very nice for them all to get use to each other before the long trip home. They will leave early Sunday.

We  had BOXES last night--you all are generous, awesome and appreciated!
Nan K/Lanark--some beautiful gorgeous handmade scarves to help raise money for FFRC
Amber--kitty of Tom & Nancy G/Kerswill--a letter from Amber, book (Sleep Tight Ginger Kitten), fuzzy kitty mat, kitty toys, 6 pillow cases, Friskies can, bunch of appetizers, Natures Recipe wet containers, 3 cans of salmon, case of Royal Canin baby can and a case of kitten can, doggie snackers, PawPrint door mat, postie notes, big white envelopes, Mr. Clean Magic erasers, Dawn soap, 4 Lysol wipes, 2 boxes Bounce and some cards (variety)
Jacksmom--BIG bag of candy, sugar free werthers, Reeses PB cups (I promise, they'll be shared!), 2 boxes of cookie varieties, 2 bags of Lindor truffles, 4 cases of Capri juice, 3 boxes of Capri Super V juices, big bag of assorted candy and 2 boxes of Keebler snacks--volunteers and I thank you!
Autumn Kittyfriend--2 cases of Juicy Juice, 1 case of Minute Maid juice boxes and box of individual Pringles--another gift to the volunteers!
Marilyn G--2 big super soft blankets (one especially for Gallant)
Jody M--can of KMR, 2 boxes of Fancy Feast Appetizers, bunches of medleys and lots of Temptation treats
Dave/wolfpatch--card and a note, 50 laser lights (to be used for adoption bags) and COOKIES!! These are delicious hand made by Dave, peanut butter cookies shaped with a kitty's face!
Sandra E--300 nine inch plastic plates
EclecticKatz from NY--coupons
Juanita W from OH--donation
Judy W from OH--Chief register tapes
Kate E from UK--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal to help with the new SunRoom

We received our weekly PetFinder report--this one is a bit different. We had 2,585 total pet views. The top 12 cats that were viewed were: Preakness, Engelina, Badu, County, Nancy, Weber, Boulder, Purrby, Drake, Tizzie, Pushkiss and Pushkin. 

Doce is getting stronger--he followed me out to the kitchen again this morning. Love seeing him walk. This morning, Derecho (who was house visiting) was laying on his chest, when along came Doce. Doce climbed right up on top of Derecho and hunkered down on his neck. It was so cute. Both looked pretty pleased with themselves! Conii has ordered a couple more vests for Derecho. I believe one will have his name on it--would be nice to use for programs and for visitors to see! 

Beautiful Dahney.  She'd love to have your vote for FFRC!