Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday. Jan. 22

I'm late getting the blog up--have had a couple issues this morning. Most importantly, it's been fun watching Doce! He is in the main part of the rescue center, in the kitty playpen. He's bouncing all over! Willard is in there right now visiting him. We have the cam placement right inside the playpen. He will takes his naps inside, but will come out occasionally to play in the playpen. The other issue is we have no water. That's right--no water in the entire place--house, rescue center, kitty kastle and farmyard. We have the "pump guys" coming sometime this morning to see what is wrong. Connie D saved us though--she brought in some water. Right now, we have water for the mop buckets, water bowls and for the farmyard. So far, so good! The only problem is that Badu wants her bath and Ada Jane wants the faucet to dribble, for her morning drink. 

On Sunday we had SIX adoptions--that was just awesome! Jaina and Dolan went together. They went to an awesome family that will give such good care to both. Jaina has been here for a whole year. Penn and Teller went to their new home. They traveled 10 hours to get there and were excellent in the vehicle. Their new mom/dad spent several nights in Kitty Kastle, which was so nice because they already were a family before they left. Basil was also adopted. He went to a young lady who took her time finding just the right kitten for herself--which we love! Then Findlay was the last to be adopted. He went into a home where he would surely be having a lot of fun and love! What an awesome Sunday!

Most of you have seen our cats run in the cat wheel. They love this exercise. If interested in learning more about this Cat-Go-Round Wheel, check them out at catwheelcompany.com I told the company yesterday that I think our cats have run hundreds and hundreds of miles!

Our new handsome boy, Micah is doing good. Just this morning, we moved this Siamese to Cat's Corner Room where he'll have more room to cruise about. We'll wait until he's comfortable with this room before letting him be out and about in the main area. He's really a sweet boy. We're still treating Joyful's eye twice daily for conjunctivitis. It appears to be better this morning. When these treatments are done, we'll work on helping her relax. We want her to know that we love her. Gallant is doing great. He loves being all over the rescue center. We continue to apply ointment 2-3 times a day, to keep that burned area supple.

We had BOXES last night! 
Tigercat54/Julie P--a magnetic safe blade cutter and a very soft sleeping non-slip pad for the kitties
Anonymous friend--2,400 of the 9 inch styrofoam plates
Pat L--big box of yarn for volunteers to use to make things for FFRC
Cantoncat/Rita--24 big cans of Super Supper Pate, case of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp and 3 more cases of the BIG cans of Friskies--grill and supreme supper
Beth/eaglewatcher--(visiting us & staying at Kitty Kastle), human treat--rhubarb cake!
Ann & Sean--visited us over the weekend (Penn & Teller's family)--lots of cleaning supplies & Welch's grape juice 
Mary from Archbold--weekend visitor--kitty face wipes, foam plates, dry erase pens
Pam S from IL--a donation to FFRC, sent with Beth/eaglewatcher
David F--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Brandy W--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Gusti from Germany--donation thru PayPal in honor of Eric/LoveMyPetz's birthday. 
Karen G from TN--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

Update on the SunRoom: still the same---it's tooooooooo cold to work outside to begin the walls! Two months until Spring!

The Porchies, Covies and Barnies are all doing fine in this cold. They have heated beds and love them. Yesterday we sent out a large amount of orders and correspondence for FFRC. Cutie is wonderful--she is such a lap sitter. Loves all the attention. Georgia loves to play with the catnip toys--acts like a kitten. Such a sweet cat.

Putter says "Please remember to vote!  You're votes are important to FFRC."  Bella says she will sleep in the red poof tonight if you vote for FFRC! And Octavia says she will eat her first thieved container of food, just for you, if you vote for FFRC! And I say a big big thanks for every single vote. 

The water guy was just here. We do indeed have completely frozen pipes, down in the water pit. Never have we had this happen before. So...there's a heater going down in the pit now, but may take hours to unthaw. Patience....right?!!

Dove says please vote for FFRC. The volunteers love me!