Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday, January 28

Our two new arrivals, Frith and Koharu are now out and about. There was NO WAY of keeping them in Cat's Corner Room any longer. Meowing, meowing and fussing and playing under the door were all signs that they wanted out NOW!!! So, out they are. Frith picked up from where he was last time he was here--he's just fine. Koharu is here, there and everywhere. Speedy little girl, she is! Such a happy young cat.

Boing continues to do good. At first, he wasn't too sure what those other 4-legged "things" were, but now he likes to play with them! Micah is coming along. He was seen playing with a toy. He's a bit of a shy boy, but more relaxed. He likes his turkey meals. Gallant was playing today--tossing a toy into the air. Such a joy to see that! Joyful's eyes are a bit better. She actually let me clean them without a helper today. Maybe she's realizing that we love her and are only trying to help her.Sure hope so. We catch her often, looking around corners at us--checking us out. We always talk to her. 

Miau went to her new home on Saturday! Such a nice young lady is now her mama! I do believe that Miau will be a happy cat in this new home! 

We had a wonderful volunteer meeting yesterday and covered alot of items. We had a large percent of the volunteers in attendance. The meeting was about 2 hours long.  Here's a sampling of our discussions:
Catathon date--Sunday, June 23
Kitty Kastle--booked fairly full till end of May, then will hold on reservations just in case my mom needs to come here and stay
Cookbook I--still have some available to purchase. Can still send in recipes for the upcoming Cookbook II. If you all still have a recipe to send in, please do it soon.
Online auction--coming up! The keyword--afghans!!  More details later
Defiance Dance Studio Recital--we will again be doing the concession stand as a fundraiser this year. Dates are: June 7, 8, 9
Coffee Pot--we now have a Keurig in the supply room for the volunteers to use whenever they want to!
Hand Hygiene--the importance of hand washing--a good defense to reduce human germs and cat germs
Voting--reminder to vote, vote, vote   ALL the volunteers are voting!
FFRC's work schedule--went over who is doing the early morning cleaning and the main morning cleaning. We've had lots of changes recently. Bonnie, who had her hip replaced, will be back soon!! 
Pet Gallery--would love to have the volunteers bring in pictures of their pets--we'll make a collage and hang up
Emergency--went over the 3 people who are to be called in case of an emergency. These 3 people will do the calling for reinforcements here at the center, while the volunteers are removing the cats in carriers Discussed locations of fire extinguishers and smoke alarms
Mondays--soon, we will be "closed" on mondays. That means no phone answering and closed signs on the door! Will still have BOXES on Mondays
SunRoom Construction--the plans for this is progressing. We're going with bright, sunshine colors--yellows and oranges. Decided on a 3-color mix for the floor (which we be the same kind of floor in the main area). The color of the floor?  yellow/orange and a beige--very pretty and welcoming! Cat shelves will be oranges and yellows too.
Looking into the Future--Where is FFRC heading? We will carry on!!
WHEN we win the $10,000 from The Animal Rescue Site contest, what will we do with the money? Several wonderful suggestions were made. Maybe we could finally get the siding on Kitty City   (a much needed project).  We still may need more work done on the Kitty City roof--we donot want any roof leaks. The "catio" on the side of Kitty City is leaky and not very weather resistent--maybe a better constructed catio could be build? Possibly a better walkway to Cat's Cove (remember, this is on the farmyard--when it gets muddy, it is a real mess walking out to Cat's Cove, the spring, summer, fall home for our Covies).  Lots of great ideas. 

Octavia says --That pizza was scrumptious at the Volunteer Meeting yesterday!  She helped herself!