Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday, January 16

Yeah! Hip-hip-hooray! Wow! We did it!  We came in first place for week #1 in The Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge! That means our votes HAVE BEEN VALIDATED and we will receive $1,000. This is wonderful news! This first place weekly win is because of YOU!  Yes, YOU! And I'm so very grateful to you. Now, on to build that slim margin of a lead that we have. As you know, if we come in first place at the end of this voting time (April 28), we will receive $10,000. Then you're fingers can take a rest. Remember, keep our votes honest--don't delete cookies. The saying now goes: Cookies are for eating, not deleting! 

We will have BOXES tonight. We actually had 7 boxes come yesterday, so we'll have those 7 for tonight to open. Fun! 

I'd like to say thanks for these 2 donations:
Karen C from IL--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Bradley B--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal

The three surgeries from yesterday went very well. They were back home here at FFRC by late afternoon. All three spent the night in Cat's Corner Room. They are now out and about, including the new boy, Boing. He came out of the room immediately, like he's always been here. Court is still super wound up. He's wonderful with people, but has become a bully to the other cats. I have been working on finding a home for him since last week--a home with no other cats. Hopefully will get a call today in regards to this. He would do wonderful if he is the only cat in the home. 

Magenta is doing much better. She spent the night in Dodger's Pen and is now back out cruising. She has been able to jump on the counter today without falling. She even jumped from the washer onto the sink area for her morning drink. So, it appears that today will be a good day for our sweet girl. Jonah is also doing better. He received fluids yesterday and is now eating a bit. He seems to be wanting to go back out to his home in Kitty City, so that's what we'll do, while keeping a sharp eye on him too. 

We are still cleaning Joyful's eye twice daily. The conjunctivitis is almost gone. Then we can get on with the business of "sweetering her up"! Here's the latest news on Gallant--he IS neutered! The swelling has finally gone down enough to confirm this. This is good news for him and us! 

Remember, I mentioned that we took off the outdoor enclosure to the rescue center? This was a must, as  we were having some water damage to the bottom of the wood.. Also the way the 2 roofs came together, it was causing a backup of water under the edge of the roof, causing damage. In the last week when we had so much rain, the water came into the office. Not a good thing.We cannot have this continue because of the damage it is causing and would continue to cause. But, the cats LOVE this enclosure. I had our construction guy over last week. He was also here yesterday. The reason the office flooded is because the outside where the enclosure was is 3 inches lower, allowing water to back up along the office and then come in. We need to replace this enclosure as it is well used. Because of the wire walls, we could basically use it only 2 1/2 seasons of the year. We have our estimate for the new sunporch and we're gong to go ahead with it. It will be 2 feet wider and 4 feet longer. It will be able to be used year-round and be full of windows--actually it'll have 6 windows, each 3 x 5--nice big sun windows! Please don't worry about the finances--we already have 90% of the estimate already donated. So, this is a GO! 

We have a few cats on hold--Penn, Teller, Graciela,  Jaina, Dolan, Sylvia, Faleena and Boulder. Remember they are not 100%, until they are officially adopted and in their new homes! We also have 2 other families that are seriously looking, but haven't made a commitment yet. That's our goal--wonderful, loving, indoor homes for our kitties and cats. 

Magenta and Gent--two beautiful cats.