Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weds., January 30

Our Kitty Kastle guest for the next week is still in Chicago. Peggy/leggygal has been trying to get here, but the weather has been a bit troubling. Next leg is from Chicago to Fort Wayne, where Bill and Angie will pick her up. She's a good sport about it! It's been raining all night, with some wind. Next week is showing another freeze coming in. 

Oh my goodness--that Koharu is something else. Every 5 seconds she's somewhere else than she was just before that! Speedy little girl! She's already "snuck" into the house--cruising about like she's always been there. She loves to play with Boing. What a pair. Little Haylow is on my desk--what a sweetheart--loves to have her tummy rubbed. Cutie, right now, is climbing up the tall 10 foot pole. She's definitely feeling good! Magenta has had a good morning. We gave her more fluids yesterday and an injection for nausea which helped her alot. And the thousand pettings she received I'm sure helped too! 

I've heard from Harlow and her family--all is well there with that adoption. Have a couple families coming in soon to look at some of the teenager cats. Remember, sweet Graciela is still on hold too, as is Boulder. Boulder will probably be leaving this weekend.

Our newest arrival is now here. He's a big brown tiger, previous outside cat. His new name is Montana, which is a name from the Catathon (still trying to get these names used!). I misunderstood what his troubles were. I thought he was a HBC (hit by car). But, no, he was another trap victim. Had his front right paw in it which was completely mangled and useless. His amputation was yesterday and I picked him up shortly after his surgery. Today he is purring his head off! Can't get enough head rubs. But, oh my, his shoulder is terribly swollen and bruised. We've got him on 2 different soreness meds and an antibiotic. When we cleaned his pen, he was down on the floor and was so graceful in his walk. He was also neutered yesterday. We'll put him as an 11 month old boy. 

We will have BOXES tonight! There's already 9 boxes from yesterday. Fun! Today, the internet company will be coming to install a new line to ease some of the load to the cam computer. Tomorrow the construction guys are suppose to be here to frame in Kitty Kabana, weather permitting. Doce is doing great. I do believe he is part mountain goat. The back of the couch, the 5 foot cat trees and the steps going upstairs are all meant for one thing.....climbing! He is one active boy. He is now lapping his formula, but is still getting supplemented twice a day. If I don't "give in", he cries and cries for his ba-ba bottle! Is he denied? No way! And he is eating dry baby cat food too. This kitty was born to climb and purr! 

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Doce as a tiny baby! Wow--he sure is growing!