Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday, January 29

Our newest siamese Kohuru (pronounced Ko Ha Roo--long O, short A), is so much fun. She's a speedy little girl with lots of things to do. A very busy kitten. Frith is right now stretched out in the middle of the floor, being as long as he can make himself. Not a care in the world! Boulder is napping in Dodger's Pen, on the hammock. Boulder will be leaving this week to go to his new home. Cutie is feeling great--she's even got a spring in her step! Nance, Graciela and Tabitha loves the dogs. They easily jump thru the door opening, into the dog's room and take naps with them. Octavia has broadened her horizon--she now also loves to thieve from the dog's snack container--her whole front side goes into the container to sort out which treat she wants!

I've heard from two recent adoptors again. Both Basil and Engelina are doing great. Both kittens are doing good in their new homes. I love hearing about how the relationships are building.

I understand that some people are a tad discouraged about the voting for The Animal Rescue Site. Let's not be discouraged!! We are still #1 in the state of Ohio and still #1 OVERALL. That, simply put is......AWESOME!  Being in #1, represents thousands of votes daily, being given. I am deeply grateful. It's amazing! Yes, it's a tight race--makes for an exciting contest. But, we're still in #1! Please know that every single vote is appreciated by me and FFRC! Keep it up! Ask your friends to vote! Ask your family! Copy the link and give it to a co-worker and ask please for a vote! Put it on your facebook page! This is not a minor battle--it's for $10,000! We are a team of voters!  Please remember to click on the button to give FREE food to pets! Remember--everyone can vote--lurkers, chatters, admins, visitors, friends--everyone!  We're in this race for the duration! 

Just wanted to give you an update on our oldsters. Putter is doing great. He will let us know without a doubt when it's time for a backrub for him! He's eating good. Bondi is showing more of her age, but her weight is holding. She's a tough girl! Magenta has lost a bit of weight, but is eating good. I haven't seen her doing any more stumbling in the last few days. She loves to be held. Ada Jane is a bit of a worry. She's almost 18. Hard to believe. Her weight has dropped significantly. Gave her fluids this morning. We'll give her all the love she wants. 

We had BOXES last night--so much to be thankful for!
Rene C/jakesmeowmy--2 cases of Fancy Feast turkey, case of  white fish and case of Tuna
Sharon B--3 cases of Friskies Gravy Sensations, 3 cases of Friskies (bits, pate and fillets)
Anonymous Friend--case of Fancy Feast grilled, case of Friskies bits, case of Friskies seafood
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of Friskies tuna and a case of Senior Salmon
Nancy L/luv4cats from WI--coupons
ABQcat/Allen H--coupons and card
Susan TC from Defiance--donation
Anonymous Friend--donation thru PayPal to help with maintenance repairs with water pipe problems
Adam B--donation to FFRC thru PayPal

In this winter time, the barnies are doing good. They love their straw mounds and their quilts. In safe places, we have heat lamps for them also. All is fine in the Kitty City as well. It's amazing how in the winter, they're all best buds--piles of cats everywhere! Closeness is great!

Ada Jane--she sure loves her blankies and the warmth of the dryer and the jiggliness of the washer!