Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday, January 19

Farrah is going crazy--she has a feather toy that she is flipping in the air, kicking it, flipping it, then running with it in her mouth! At the same time, JoeBob is trying to play with her tail. Tabitha is playing on a cat furniture, very engrossed in another toy, while swatting at cats walking by. I love watching their play fun times!

Update on the new SunRoom: it's still in the drying out phase for the newly poured floor. I tried to get a cat to walk on it, to imprint some cat tracks, but wasn't successful!

Little Doce is toddling around in the house now. Because he hasn't had a cat mama, his immune system is not very "tough", so I'm being careful--just bringing him into the rescue center a little at a time, to start building his immune system up. He's a dandy! It's so cute to see him when he just strolls into the kitchen--this tiny kitten! Sometimes when I'm at the sink, he'll come over and get on my shoe and curl up. He has a mountain of a purrer.

We had BOXES last night! I thank you for these gifts.
Sean & Ann (Penn & Teller's new m/d)--big jug of Pine Sol, 2 big bags of chips, toilet paper, case of Bounty p/t, big bag of Reeses peanut butter cups and nestles assorted candy bars, 80 count of Kuerig K-Kups, apple juice boxes, Clorox wipes, Lysol wipes, big bottle of Tide HE, Dawn liquid soap, Bounce sheets. Ann made a wonderful Putter look alike cat at her ceramic class--I love it. 
Michlynn--A "Joyful" card & note, 2 yeoooow catnip bananas (already being slobbered on!), Whiskas appetizers and Whiskas packets (now we have to keep Octavia away!)
Stubie619/Stuart D--case of Fancy Feast Chicken
Anna B--36 cans of KMR liquid
FaithyMD--leopard kitty condo (looks like a kings throne). Steve already assembled it!
Arden & Charmaine--2 cases of 9-Lives variety, case of Fancy Feast, 2 cases of Friskies and a 70 count 33 gallon Force Flex garbage bags
Alan C from UT--donation
Auntie Julie from MA--get well card for Magenta (she is feeling much better now), a gift card for Magenta from WalMart & 2 books of stamps
Anniecat/Joanne--card with donation in memory of friend Norma and a card with donation in memory of her cousins kitty Socks
Hannahy & mom/dad--card with lots of stickers. A very sweet story (written by Hannah on her computer) about Putter and Paddy. It was titled "Paddy Cake Ran Away". A real keepsake--thanks Hannah! We love you.
Rosa F from IN--donation for FFRC, thru PayPal
Michael M from KS--donation for FFRC, thru PayPal

I haven't mentioned this for a while, but if I ever have an error in these postings, please don't hesitate to e-mail me--I'm always happy to fix things. Also, while I try very hard to keep up to date on e-mails, sometimes I get behind. I myself answer ALL my own e-mails. That's important to me. If I've by chance have missed yours, don't hesitate to re-email me! Also, if you have placed an order with us and you haven't received it (after a certain time), let me know. I'll be happy to check into it. 

Emaline came out on her own into the rescue center yesterday. The door opened to the house, and out she came. While I know that she's missing some fur and her nose is scabby, she's still beautiful. She's happy and is eating good. She loves to chase those Z's in the house--she's right on them when they do their house laps! 

I would like you to be aware that our sweet Bondi girl is losing more weight. Bondi.....our very old girl! We love her so much and give her lots of petting. She's the Queen of the Welcome Office. 

Many many thanks to our Moderators and Admins for what they do for FFRC! The moderators are the caretakers of the cam chat. The Admins are the caretakers of the FFRC chatters facebook page. You all are awesome and I sincerely appreciate each and everyone of you. Give them a thanks! 

We're holding our very slim lead in The Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge! It's an honor to me to be in the position that our Rescue Center is in. We want to always uphold the commitment we have made to each cat and kitten here. And we want to also do this in part because of you all "out there". We know you love our kitties and cats too...even if it's long distance, we know you care. Our promise is the same to you, as it is to the cats--we will do our best.

Boing is dong great. He's realizing it's fun to play with other cats. We love his polky-dots. Gallant has increased "his space". He is now all over the rescue center, not just in Kitty Campus Room. He loves to have his forehead rubbed. He continues to heal. Cutie is doing terrific--she's a happy girl. She can spy a lap on the floor from a mile away! She thinks (and knows) that every lap is made for her! 

Off to a busy day! Lots of good things happening! Please remember to vote. 

Joyful, Joyful, we adore you!