Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday, January 25

Update on the plumbing problems: the toilet in the house is now up and running. The toilet in Kitty Kastle is not--still problems. The plumber will be back again today to work on it. Seems to be a bit of a mystery as to what is going on with it. The water faucet in the big red barn is still froze up. But, warm temperatures are coming--hoping it'll start working soon. Jimmy is having to haul water from mid-way in the farm yard to the back section. Getting back to normal!

We took in a new cat yesterday. It's a female, siamese, teenager. Her name is Koharu, a name suggested by our Japanese friend Mayumi. Koharu is beautiful. She had been an inside cat. Her family moved and simply put her outside. Yes, in this cold and hard winter. And drove away. The neighbors saw her and gave her some food, then brought her here. The man that brought her is our plumber!

We also had a cat returned yesterday. It's Frith! Frith is doing great. He was having a few health issues at his home. I respect this owner for returning her when she realized she could no longer keep her. Frith is wonderful, still super sweet and was much loved at his other home. We'll give him some time to have some fun here, make sure he is healthy, then he'll go back up for adoption. 

We had an adoption yesterday! Engelina went to her new home. Her new mama loves her so much! It's a wonderful connecion. So happy for both of them.She will keep us posted about Engelina in facebook. I also asked her to keep me posted long-term about her leg issue. She understands the medical aspect of Engelina. 
Not a problem!

We had BOXES last night. I am always in a state of gratitude at the support we receive.
Beth/eaglewatcher--lots of hand, body and toe warmers for those who must be out in the col here!
Rebecca & Wllow--3 snuggle safe heating warmers, packages of spring coil toys, 2 cat-go-cat toys, cat nip flipper toys, L-lysine powder and a container of catnip
Cheryl G--3 snuggle safe heating warmers
Anonymous Friend--case of Friskies Pate, case of Friskies fillets, case of Royal Canin baby cat canned, big bag of Royal Canin dry baby cat food, big bag of Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul dry food
Ann/kikkocat & Sean (Penn & Teller's family)--towel, 2 cases of Friskies variety, lots of snackers
Megan/Oreokittymom and Emily (visiting us & staying in Kitty Kastle for Emily's good grades!)--2 packages of yummy peanut butter mini cakes (made by Megan), 2 packages Valentine plates, lots of small paper plates, snackers, tuna, case of Friskies tasty treasure food
Sydney & family (she is a friend of Emily's and is also staying here)--paper towels, 2 rugs, tote bag, pillow cases, vinegar, HE laundry soap, 2 cans of cat food, snackers, bag of Science Diet Adult dry food, feather toy, cat nip bubbles
Faithy--card and a sweet poem of Derecho
Lauren M/Bernie from Texas--card with note and stamps for mom's bd
Jennifer & Keith P from NV--kitty card and donation for medical expenses for Joyful & Gallant
Pat L--coupons
Suzy W--note with donation in memory of Marvin 

Please remember to vote! We are still in first place in overall and in Ohio! I'm very thankful for each and every vote. This is a "big deal" contest and people are watching it. Please keep your votes honest. No emptying cookies to revote--not allowed and not wanted by FFRC. We win fairly, or we don't win! Please remember, when talking about voting whether it's in chat or facebook, please just say "I've voted", or Voting Done".  Please do not say how many times you've voted--causes too much turmoil. Blind Cat Rescue is now in 3rd place with Purrfect Pals now in 2nd place. I want to thank Mary H. who works for the Archbold paper and her boss for putting a banner on the front page in regards to voting--so nice! I feel very strongly that we can do this--keep those fingers moving and please ask family and friends to help us. My promise to you--we will always do our very best for the cats and kittens at FFRC. 

Sunday, at 2:00, we will be having a big volunteer meeting here at FFRC. Don't worry, we will just move the cam from the main area, to the front office so you can still see the cats during our meeting time. A different view! 

Pania--she made her way up to the second level! She is so proud of herself and we are too!