Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday, January 18

It's cold outside, but the construction guys still got the floor poured for the new SunRoom. It's covered now with a thermal padding and will set up just fine. Apparently a cold front is moving in beginning of the week, so they'll wait for that to pass to start on the walls. When they're here working, the cats are busy watching at the windows--they love the action.

Penn and Teller's new mom/dad arrived yesterday late afternoon. Very nice people. They've been making friends with the two boys and all the cats. Penn and Teller spent the night in Kitty Kastle with them. Sunday morning we will have several adoptions. Our young lady friend that has been visiting several times this week made her final decision as to which cat she would like to adopt. It's Basil! He's a lucky kitty! Also Dolan and Jaina will be going to their new home--happy day for these 2 cats too!

Chances are good that Court will be leaving soon. I've made it a mission to find him a home with no other cats. He's a dear cat--so so human loving, but wow--is he a cat boss. He will do just fine in a home by himself where he's given lots of love. I have a family interested in him. They've been wanting a cat. They travel a lot, in an RV and use to take their other cat with them. Now, maybe it's Courts turn. 

We have many thanks to give:
Kim/kimkost from MI--a donation thru PayPal to be used where needed to help our kitties
Ruth B--a donation thru PayPal in memory of BevM
Tammy J--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Elizabeth M from MI--a donation thru PayPal in memory of BevM
Elisabeth A from MD--a donation thru PayPal in memory of BevM
Anonymous Friend--a donation thru PayPal in memory of BevM
Margaret H from NC--a donation thru PayPal to use where ever is needed. 
Gusti from Germany--a donation thru PayPal in memory of chat friend BevM
Beth P from Defiance--a donation thru PayPal to use anyway where the need is

God bless Bev's family and friends. Life is so short. Let's be kind to one in another. Do a kind deed today for someone, in memory of Bev. 

We're still in #1 in Ohio and overall in the Animal Rescue Shelter Challenge. But, our lead now is only by .50%.  What can we do to increase this lead? Please remember to vote! Ask 3 e-mail friends to vote for us today! Put a sticker on your kitchen counter to remember to vote. Ask your co-workers to put a vote in today. Write the voting site down on some slips of paper and pass it out to friends! Ask a facebook friend to vote today. This is a huge undertaking--to get FFRC to win the $10,000. But we're a determined cyber-family group--we CAN do this! 

All is fine here. I'd like to send out a big thanks to all our volunteers. You make a big difference in the lives of the FFRC cats. Asha loves her grooming every day. Willard is developing a swagger-walk--he knows he's "something else"! Linden thinks he was born to jump on the counter 20 times....and that's just for breakfast time. Boulder likes to take a spring toy, bat it, get it, then sit on it.

This is Dolan's most common pose--all stretched out and waiting for a tummy rub.