Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday, January 25

B is not only for BOXES, but now it can also stand for BUNCHES of FUN! Since we had no boxes to open last night, we changed gears and did something different! It was fun. It was time for Doce to be fed, so he willingly showed the viewers how he can nibble some of the baby Royal Canin tiny kibbles. He then took some of his formula too, from his bottle/syringe. I think he knew he was being watched as he was extra "smiley"! Then we took a tour of the rescue center--was able to show quite a few of the cats. Some were playing, some were napping, but all were content.

Then we had playtime. The Undercover Mouse toy came out again. I have so much fun with this toy, with the cats. It takes a little supervision as some of the cats like to lay on the pad, which stops the "mouse". Derecho absolutely LOVES this toy. He gets super-excited. So does Linden and Obadiah. Obadiah actually tried to run off with the "mouse" last night and again this morning. I counted 26 cats last night watching and participating in this play time!

Next, was the bubble machine. They LOVE their bubbles. We left that on for maybe 10 minutes. Some of the cats are really good at nabbing the bubbles, some just like to watch and some like to pop them. Good exercise and attention getting for them!

After that, I showed some of the items that we have up for sale, thru our on-line store. I thank you for the orders that were placed.

Beth is still here visiting this week. She is such a joy. Lots of projects and cleaning have been done, thanks to her help! I would also like to thank Beth for her donation that she made to FFRC, to go towards the SunRoom construction and for "whatever else we need it for". I dearly appreciate her support.

The plumber will be here again today to continue the work in the house bathroom--turning out to be a big job, but it had to be done. Our pipes are all still running smoothly, which I am so very grateful for. The construction guy popped in yesterday. Said, weather permitting, they would be here next week to frame in the SunRoom! How exciting.

Remember, one of our items in the adoption contract, is that if for WHATEVER reason, an adopted cat from FFRC can no longer be kept, he/she needs to be returned to FFRC. I know this may sound strange, but we should always be grateful when someone returns a cat. Doesn't matter the reason--we will ALWAYS take them back. When this happens, it is because they care and are honoring their contract.

I've heard from most of the cats now that have recently been adopted--all are doing great. Little JoeBob is still a bit under the weather, but feeling much much better. He's sitting up right now, wanting to come out and play. We've convinced him that he needs to rest yet for another day. To help him, we've moved him to Dodger's Pen, where he will have more room to play. He's eating good now.

Please continue to vote for FFRC.  Go to:   OR go to our website   This is a very tight race.  Actually, 2nd and 3rd place organizations exchanged slots this morning. We are still in #1, but need your help in staying there. If we each ask ONE more person to vote, that would be a big bonus in our numbers! Copy the website down, give it to a person and ask them to vote. Tell them the FFRC cats appreciate it! Thanks for your support.

Paddy Cakes--he's ran so many miles on the Cat-Go-Round Wheel, that he's exhausted! Just a quick nap and he'll be running again!