Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday, January 13

Wow--the rains came down overnight to the extent that we had a little bit of water in the front office. But, it's gone now, all cleaned up. Our construction guy was here this past week and we have already talked about this problem. So, we'll get that taken care of soon.

Magenta is on my desk--what a wonderful oldster she is. We had another program yesterday. This one was in the next county over, to a 4-H group. Had 60 kids there, between the ages of 6 to 18. A very very nice group of kids. I took a Z with me (Zap) and Derecho went again. Zap was fun--to show them a different breed of cats and to talk about the differences. Derecho was awesome and seemed to have enjoyed it. We talked about disabilities and determination. They also donated a lot of items---paper towels, food, toys, plates, soap, disinfectants, etc. The kids brought all these items in! We also talked about the care of cats and the importance of spaying and neutering.

Mayor Anony spoke his mind yesterday morning, as we had the Mayor Speech. According to his speech, there are three simple words that the Covies are committed to: Love, Compassion and Respect. I understand that Muffin made a sign with these words on it, but Sevaun got hungry and ate it. They are working on another sign. 

We had BOXES yesterday morning. We did something different--opened them in the morning, after Mayo Anony's speech! Thank you ever so much for these gifts.
Cindy H/Chaqua from MO--Happy New Year note, Laurel Burch socks (love them!), Spritz cookies (they are beautiful and delicious!), toys for the cats, doggie snackers
Autumn, our kitty friend--18 rolls of Northern toilet paper
Arden & Catmaine--10 cans of Reeses sardines--these are very good!
BevM--Rooster bread box--Octavia was thrilled
Marilyn S/Madisonpepper & fur kids--For Gallant--8 cases of Appetizers, 2 catnip toys and 6 boxes of Weruva packets (Gallant says an extra thanks)
Anonymous Friend--40 lb Precious Cat Litter
Anonymous Friend--cuddle pads with buckewheat inside to warm up
Phillip--musical egg with a sleeping kitty inside (Phil--this is absolutely beautiful and I appreciate it)
Widdletigger/Elisabeth--a case of Tropical Juice boxes for volunteers
David/wolfpatch--3 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Adrian & Malcolm from UK--a donation for FFRC, to go towards the new computer
Rita/Cantoncat--donation thru PayPal to go towards the new computer or wherever is needed
Bev M from WA--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Helen M from UK--a donation for the new computer or wherever may be needed
Giuseppe P from Italty--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Karen T-O from TN--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal

We're still holding our lead in #1 position overall in our voting!! We're ahead by just a little slim lead, so please keep up the votes and moral support. You all are awesome. We are there in that position because of YOU!! We're sure thankful! 

Today is the day that Janet/Janak has left to go back to New Zealand. She has been here since December 1, all except for one week that she spent with our friend Val H. Janet has become a very good friend to me. I asked her last night what was one thing she really enjoyed. Her answer: was really getting to know the volunteers! I loved that response. Janet not only has helped me with many projects, but her friendship is genuine.....and I will miss her. 

You might have heard already.......yes, FFRC got a new computer and monitor. The old one is only about 1 1/2 years old, but it's been running 24/7. We've been experiencing some very odd things with it lately and was worried about how much longer it was going to be reliable. Well, as you know, we sure don't want that computer to go down.  So, the new computer is in place. Not all the kinks are worked out yet, but will be soon. 

We had TWO adoptions yesterday! Yes, our wonderful Pushtwins were adopted together! Pushkins and Pushkiss went to their new home. The new family will even keep their names! These twins are going into a home with 3 wonderful boys. 

Sleepy boy Willard.  He's dreaming of how to thank you all for your votes!!