Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday, Jan. 8

Voting started yesterday and we are right now in #1 spot for Ohio and #1 spot overall!!!! Hip hip hooray. But, there's other organizations right behind us. The voting continues till April 28, so we have a long way to go. I am deeply grateful for your votes--this means so much to me and FFRC. The support this shows to me is overwhelming and humbling. I will always do my best for FFRC.  Please keep voting daily and remember--let's keep our votes honest! 

We had BOXES last night! You all are awesome!
Arden & Charmaine--case of Fancy Feast Grilled
Wolfpatch--case of Fancy Feast Appetizers
From Octavia--6 packages of Batteries for mama kitty with note "Let there be light so she can see to snag her goodies!"
Kerswill/Nancy G--mylar balls, cans of Friskies, cans of Tuna and a big bag of Royal Canin Kitten dry food
Nancy D from OH--donation for FFRC
Janet/Janak--a wonderful shirt for Jacci with our dear Derecho on the front and back (from our Zazzle account) 
Thomas H from Germany--card playing Silent Night, yummy chocolate candy, a CD that looks like beautiful music, cat snackers and Bondi sticks. There were also an old old map of Defiance, prints of Defiance buildings from days gone by--loved seeing these. Also envelopes with FFRC logo, FFRC business cards with a holder and FFRC postcards for Christmas, Halloween, spring and fall. Thanks, Thomas!
Peter G--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Wayne R--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Joan N--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Joseph V--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Larry Clark from VA--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal

We still have more of Mike's special FFRC CD's. Every song on this CD is about FFRC. Mike wrote some of the songs himself and of course, he sings every song on the CD! If you're interested, go to our website at: fofrescue.org   There's a picture block with the CD on it.

Today is the day for a vet visit. We'll be taking JoeBob for his neutering, Engelina for her x-ray and Gallant to have his burn wounds checked. 

Gallant is playing toesies under the door of his room with any cat that wants to play with him! He is ready to come out and cruise about. His burn wounds are now 3 weeks old and they look beautiful and are healing very nicely now. So....after his vet visit today, Gallant will get some time out of his room in the next few days. Because of this "advancement" I showed Gallant to the cam last night. He's ready for the world to meet him and see him! Yes, you can still tell his wounds are there, although it's much much smaller than it was. But, we can't keep him in his room any longer--he wants out!! So, enjoy our boy! Please let's not worry about what happened to him or who did it. It's time to rejoice--he's healing, he's alive and he's happy!

Next week is when Penn and Teller will be meeting their new mom and dad! They will be staying two nights here at Kitty Kastle before heading home. I'm so happy for these 2 boys. They love each other and are 2 wonderful cats!

Drake is one of the nicest kittens. He has such a handsome face too. Right now, Obadiah is laying on the big red poof, half way covering up Derecho--they're sleeping buddies! Georgia is a love--she so enjoys those chin rubs. Octavia thieved two food packets yesterday--so proud of her!

PAUSITIVITY--noun: The feeling of joy and optimism that comes when you stop to take a moment to restore and nurture yourself.  This saying comes from a wonderful book that Janet gave me called "Pausitivity ". 

Enjoy your day, be joyful and grateful in it. Life is rich in pleasure--find your pleasure and enjoy! Pet a cat, help a person today, give a compliment, lend a helping hand, spay or neuter a cat or dog--do something that passes on goodness! Putter sends his love.

Yes indeed, Doce is growing!