Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday, Feb. 1

Forget the groundhogs that are predicting the weather! Putter has just stepped out into the moonlight (he says that's way more important to check moonlight, versus sunlight) and his shadow says that spring will be early this year and in this upcoming spring will bring many adoptions for FFRC and many continued friendships! Oh, that Putter...such a wise and wonderful cat he is. The Putter has spoken.

Doce....he now is playing in shoes and under the beds! His energy level is superb and his appetite is great. He sauntered up to Badu yesterday and I just held my breath. I was ready to rescue him, but Badu looked at him, squinted his eyes and walked away. So nice of Badu! Now that Doce can get up on the couch by himself, he sometimes finds Emaline there too. He loves to snuggle with her.

We had ENVELOPES last night! Yeah for envelopes--we appreciate these!
Joe & Beth/midnightann  from FL--frog card with a note and a donation to be used wherever needed
Sheila W from TX and cats Rosie, Kat and doggy Penny--a card and a donation in memory of her cat Sparky
Barbara H from OH--a donation for FFRC
Austin W from Paulding--a donation for FFRC
Gusti from Germany--a PayPal donation to help with Montana's soreness medication and to pay for beverages for the construction guys! 

Last week, Mary H from Archbold was here for a visit! She brought sardines, small paper plates, lysol, cleaning supplies, chips, juice, bleach and vinegar. Thanks Mary!  It's always wonderful to have you visit. 

Be aware! We have teenager cats and adult cats that would like to find their very own home! Keep an eye on facebook pages for special stories about some of our cats that are up for adoption. We also played a Fact or Fiction game last night at BOX time to enhance cat adoptions versus kitty adoptions. Also at BOX time, we played a "How well do you know our FFRC cats". As always, you all "out there" really are so knowledgeable about the individual cats. More tonight!

Get ready.....tonight at 6 pm sharp starts the auction for the first of three afghans. This is an OPEN BID auction on the chatters facebook page. Place your bids and keep track of what the highest bid is. The bidding continues until 6 pm sharp on Saturday night. We've been showing the afghans on the cam and will show the current one today and tonight again. 

We received our latest Petfinder Weekly Report. It's always interesting to see how the names juggle. The top 13 cats that were viewed were: Engelina, Weber, Miau, Badu, Zelda, Boulder, Spruce, Buckeye, Georgia, County, Nance, Willard and Octavia.

The Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge race is proving to be very interesting (and nerve-wracking for me!!) We have carried first place since day one, but this is a close race. We are 3.91, with second place at 3.78 and third place at 3.73. Very very close. Let's not leave our votes drop over the weekend please. Those 2nd and 3rd placers are fighting hard to be in first. But, we have the BEST supporters in the whole world--that would be YOU!  Thanks to you for each and every vote you give to FFRC. YOU do make a huge difference to us. 

Buckeye is stretching his paw to give us a vote!