Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday, Feb. 10

Happy Birthday to Ada Jane....and many more! We am so pleased to be able to give her lots of Happy Birthday hugs and kisses today. She is 18 years old and has been with us for 8 years. She was at a local shelter, due to be euthanized because of her age. How could we have refused that sweet, cock-eyed, silent meower girl? She is much loved. 

Our second afghan auction is over! Susan M/daydreamz2 won the afghan, having the highest bid. Thanks, Susan. Your beautiful afghan made by Dave/dlmenser, will be going out in the mail very soon! This next Friday, at 6 pm, our 3rd afghan auction will begin. This one will be another open bid, but with a bit of a twist, to be announced soon! It also will be for 24 hours in length. It's a teal colored afghan, made by volunteer Linda. 

We had BOXES last night--thanks ever so much for the support!
Cyndi N--Merrick gourmet entries, 24 cans of Wellness Kitten, 24 cans of Taste of the Wild Salmon cans, 5 bags of snackers and a bag of Wellness kitten dry
Conii and kitties Madissyn & Elliott--Valentine card and a Hoops and YoYo card, a screen fun-run tunnel and 2 wonderful big boxes of Fannie Mae valentine candy for the volunteers!
Kate E from UK--a donation in honor of Ada Jane's birthday, from her oldie Romany Rye who will also be 18 this year!
Ann M--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Caren F from CA--a donation in honor of Ada Jane's birthday
Andrea W from PA--a donation in honor of Ada Jane's birthday
Selena & Scott H from IL--a donation in honor of Ada Jane's birthday
Deb11111--a donation to cover the window shades for the new room Kitty Kabana

I believe Court will be a happy cat! On my way to the airport yesterday, I took him to his new home--to two boys that were waiting for him at the door! This is the family that almost adopted him before he was adopted by another family. They still wanted him. These two boys were waiting with feathery toys and a laser light to play with him. I was only there a short time, but he got a work out and seemed to be happy. When I left, he was watching a bird feeder thru the window! They will call with an update the beginning of the week.

Our Darby was officially returned to us yesterday. He is 7 1/2 years old and has multiple medical problems. This cat was completely normal, apparently had an injury to his "back end", which caused some neurological problems. Now, he has many medical problems to contend with--one thing has led to another. He's in Thumper's Room, using both of the top two pens, so he has plenty of room. A real sweetie, loves to play and is eating good. 

Please vote, vote, vote! We'll see what the updated stats are tomorrow morning! Thanks!

I do have a favor to ask--if you should have a question about anything regarding FFRC, in any way, please e-mail ME, not a volunteer. This is important, as they would rather questions are directed to me, instead of to them. Thank you. 

Bondi is feeling good, Big Al is still NOT sharing his bed with anyone and Zavatar still likes to turn the water on in the sink! Cliff loves to have his chin rubbed now (but he prefers not to tell his friends this!), Olaf loves his heated bed and Whiskers still likes to play with snowballs. Sevaun thoroughly enjoys the sun coming into the window of Kitty City, Rowland loves to have his tummy shop-vacced and Oliver is so very handsome!
The barn cats are also doing good--fairing the winter just fine. They love the heat lamps that they can sleep under. 

Sun Porchie Cliff
Sun Porch Cat Cliff