Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weds., Feb. 6

We are still #1 in the Animal Rescue Site's Shelter Challenge! What a great day--we gained .01%!! Yesterday we were at 4.01% and today we are 4.02%.  The organization in second place stayed the same at 3.87.  So, we gained a tiny bit. Wow--I've never seen such a close race. Please keep voting, as I know you are. The cats and I are extremely grateful for each and every vote!  Reach out and touch someone--pass on our information, ask them to visit our website and webcam so they know we are sincere in taking care of cats and then ask them to vote! Thanks!

Peggy/leggygal is still not back home in California. She has had trouble getting back home due to fog. Yesterday, her Fort Wayne, IN flight was delayed by many hours and then was rerouted to Atlanta. They put her up for the night. I just talked to her, she's had breakfast, and now this flight is delayed a little bit due to more fog. But, her 9:15 flight is expected to be on time. Wow--she's had a rough trip. When she gets back, and onto chat, welcome her back big time! Such a wonderful person with a positive attitude! 

Doce and Sequoia have been playing more and more together. Sequoia is younger, but much bigger. But, that attitude of Doce's is something else. He thinks he's King Kong Kat! I get such a kick out of him and his joy of life. Both are eating good and will share some playtime in Cat's Corner Room today.

Montana is doing wonderful. He's out and about now, but still goes back into Dodger's Pen for his naps--all by himself! He seems to be a gentle boy--enjoys the other cats and loves to be petted. Dove's fur is growing back in--she is so beautiful. I love to pet her! Gallant's wounds are still healing and getting a tiny tiny bit smaller each day. He's a bit of an ornery boy at times! Pania has expanded her horizon and is exploring more and more of the rescue center. She loves her toys. Joyful is in Thumper's Room where she has the entire bottom two pens together--makes for a nice big place to have as her own. She's eating good. Keeping her eyes medicated 2-3 times a day. The puncture to her eye appears to be having some healing started, so that is good. 

Friday at 6pm to Saturday at 6 pm is our Second Afghan Auction. It will be a closed bid. Approximately at midnight,  6 am, 12 noon we will give you an idea of where the bidding is, so you'll have an idea. As this is a sealed bid auction, the winner will not be known until emails have been sorted. You can place your bid at   Please make sure you enter ONLY the word "Bid" in the subject of the email. Then enter your chat name and bid amount in the body of the text. You'll receive an automated response to say your bid was received.  This 2nd afghan is wonderful and made by our friend Dave.

Keep an eye on the facebook pages in regards to promoting Raza and now County to be adopted. These are wonderful adult cats that need a loving home. Cantoncat tells their story.

What a wonderful thing that Wanda is doing for FFRC. She is a beautiful, talented artist. Her February Sweet Deal is: if you order and pay for your portrait on or before 2/15, the portrait will be 1/2 price. FFRC will receive $50 for each order. Check out her site: and see the wonderful work she does. Please state that you are from FFRC so we receive this donation.

Many thanks to:
Priscilla/PrissyPurdue--a donation to FFRC, in having fun watching the Cat Fun Bowl
Domingo F from Italy--a donation by PayPal for FFRC
Renee C--a donation by PayPal to be used wherever needed
Gusti--a donation for all the players of the Cat Fun Bowl

Have you ordered a copy of the first FFRC cookbook? If not, and you'd like to, we are having a clearance sale. You can purchase this Cookbook I at a low price of $15, including shipping. Just go thru PayPal, state it's for the Cookbook I and we'll get it sent to you. In it, are hundreds of great recipes from our volunteers, lurkers and chatters, mods and admins. It's a great book.  

Have a great day. I thank each and every one of you for your support, prayers and friendship. Life is great. Be kind to one another and appreciate your families and pets! 

Our beautiful Dove--such a joy to have.