Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday, Feb. 21

A fairly short blog today--it's only early morning yet, but will be a packed day. All is fine. The seven kittens are doing great--they've now been moved to the Cat's Corner Room and love the extra space. Lots of things to climb and have fun on! 

The front office room, now the Purple Room is getting done. The walls are now complete, 80% of the shelves are up (all lavender), and most of the room put back together. I think we'll be cleaning dry wall dust forever! Hopefully will hear from the floor guy, for the Kitty Kabana room today and find out what day they have us down for to put the floor in.

Joyful is claiming her name! She is letting us pet her more and more without too much of a fuss. I'm loving this! She and Charmaine are still sharing the same sleep area! 

We had BOXES last night. Big time thanks for these gifts.
PhilnCleo--a beautiful Kitty Kabana slate sign--it's wonderful. Says Esetablished 2013 and a matching floor mat--really really nice!
PSW--an extra wonderful canvas painting, called Hypno Kitty (looks like Octavia)
Miyumi from Japan--beautiful slippers for Judy S and bath salts and slipper socks and bath salts for Jacci, a postcard and stickers for Hannah
Kerswill--4 new bright yellow cat beds for Kitty Kabana
Jatcat--2 air filters for the ionizers
Jennifer T--case of Royal Canin baby cans, package of spring toys, inserts for the tracker toys and a case of Party Mix snackers for Derecho and friends
Theresa M,, Honey & Bea in PA-pictures of Honey & Bea, afghan made by her mother, it's gorgeous--kitties looking over a fence. It's stunning!
Julie P--2 packages of kitty toys, bag of Purina One kitten dry and hot cups and lids for the Keurig
Anonymous Friend--case of Royal Canin baby can, bag of Royal Canin kitten dry, 2 bags of Royal Canin baby dry
Michelle & Justen/kittycanada1--Bella kitty card. For Queen Bell: 4 bags Temptation snackers.  2 spiral books for kitty adoptions, lots of stickers, 8 kitty note cards, 4 kitty magnets, poster of ABC's cats, Patterned kitty wall art, Deck of kitty playing cards, Book: Letters to Jennifer
Deb11111--logitech web cam !!
Alan C from UT--donation for FFRC
Adrian M from Ireland--2 DVD's for Peggy of the Kitty Super Fun Bowl
Annette20, Jean, Alexandria & Princess from CA--card with donation

Tomorrow, Steve and I will be heading to Columbus for a conference--a learning experience! We will also be making a stop at a cat rescue in that area, just to visit and get ideas. Should be fun, educational and relaxing! Because I won't be doing e-mails, please go easy on sending me any e-mails! The Rescue Center will be well covered by volunteers and they all know how to reach me if necessary. 

Just got word from the floor guys--they'll be here Monday, the 25th! Yeah!

Graciela--looking down from the top cat walks!