Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday, Feb. 13

The cats are sporting heart signs, having meetings about being extra good for Valentine's Day, being very polite to one another! I do think they are anticipating bonito flakes and catnip for their Valentine's Day treat! 

The two kittens (long hair, polydactyl, boys), as yet unnamed, are doing wonderful. They are so sweet. They both need a little polishing up yet though--just a tad unsure of themselves around people. But, with all the holding and kisses they're getting, I think we can win them over. Next Weds, the 20th, both will be going for their neuter surgery and x-rays of their legs. Since they are polydactyl, they both seem to have a little odd-shaped legs. There's nothing wrong with that--we just want to be aware of what's going on!

Our sweet Koharu is at the vet's office right now, for her physical and spay surgery. Martha L took her and will bring her back. Martha just called--she is there safely and will come home around 4:45. 

Kitty Kabana update: the inside of this room is about 95% done.....except for the floor. The floor guy though came and showed us a sample of what we picked out--it's wonderful! Three specks of colors are involved--a bright yellow, bright orange and a softer yellow. We're excited about this color! The construction guy is right now putting the siding on the outside of Kitty Kabana. We're getting closer to being done. But, we do have the front office project to do yet. The walls in the front office, has never been the same as the rest of the rescue center. We were never able to finish it. So...while it's winter and it's easy to work inside, we're going to have that done as well. Our construction guy can have it done in 2 days--probably Thursday and Monday. We will have to remove all the furniture, except the file cabinets and the big desk. We've been busy painting cat walk shelves so they look nice and new--bright orange, bright yellow and a lavendor. We do love colors here! Thanks too to Lorraine and Mary E, who are painting the trim around the windows today.

Many thanks to:
Lawrence G--PayPal donation to FFRC
Maria L--PayPal donation to FFRC
Glynette M from CA--donation to FFRC, in memory of Darby

We also had a special young visitor yesterday. Jayden recently had a birthday and he asked his parents, family and friends to give him $$ instead of gifts. He would then like to donate this to FFRC. What a wonderful gift this family gave him (and to us), to teach him about kindness and compassion. Thank you, Jayden.

We will have BOXES tonight! Because of our party Monday and movies on Tuesday, we will have LOTS of boxes tonight! I would like to give you a heads-up! Today, around 12 noon (or close to it), we will open the envelopes from the last two days. The reason? Because there's quite a few envelopes and quite a few boxes. Don't want to keep you all up too late tonight! Hope this works out for those that sent envelopes and is not an inconvenience.

Please vote! We stayed the same at 4.13 and are still in FIRST PLACE! But, the second place organization went from 3.96 to 3.99. A big gain. Please remind your friends, e-mail friends, facebook friends and family to vote. The general stats are also showing fewer number of voters! Please remind yourselves and others how important every vote is for us! Thank you--the cats and I are so grateful. When we win, we will have a party!!! Sardines are already in the mix. I understand that I mentioned I would do a hair color (did I really say this???). I know Janet has something planned too that will be fun! And of course, we have to have pizza and cake! Soooo excited. Please remember to vote. 

Zelda is full of fun today! Playing with lots of toys. Derecho couldn't be any cuter. He fell asleep in one of the cubles, all stretched out, with his nose pushed onto the floor. Asha is checking out the Kitty Kabana room thru the window. Dennison is snoozing away on the desk. 

Derecho playing inside the desk--he wiggled in and loves to be there!