Thursday, February 7, 2013

A back up blog for 2/5/13

A back up blog??  Yes! I just realized I neglected to honor those that made a donation on 2/4, Monday. I clean missed putting these names in. I'm so sorry. So, this blog is just to pay my thanks!

Cita46 from Amstedam--For Jacci & Steve: a wonderful gift basket filled with cheese, wine, apple jam, cutting board, cashews and mixed nuts--extra thanks, City!
June K/painteddaisy from NY--shortbreak for volunteers, Skinny cow Crisps, Lindor candies, paper reinforcements, envelopes, kitty snackers, lots of people snackers, rolls of 2" scotch tape, pencils, sticky notes, note pads, Chex mix, cat toys, lots of office supplies and stamps
Julie P/tigercat54--case of Fancy Feast white fish
Friend of FFRC/Miss Octavia Head of the Fine Art of Heists Academy --6 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Middiemom04/Patti V--bunches of 3 ounce can ct food, Innova snackers, 2 bags of dry cat food, 24 cans of Merrick Gourmet Entries can food, 2 bags of Innova Dry kitten food, trash bags of Kitty Kastle & bathrooms
Susan B/Missmic from WV and Ebony & Misty--stories and pictures of her kitties, 2" scotch tape, cat snackers, 6" paper plates, Friskies Treasures snackers, 2 kitty beds, 2 laser lights, hand lotion, paper towels, Dial hand soap, clorox wipes, baby wipes,
Krystan/zeldaluna in MA--Bag o Innova dry adult, bag of Innovadry kitten, pill pockets, first aid kit for Kitties (for in truck), 2 kitten kong toys, 2 Kickeroos, play cube
Terri/sweetpea--For Derecho: Valentines day card, donation for FFRC, a poem she wrote "Ode to Derecho"
Phyllis B/kittiesmom and Emmie (cat) & Buddy (dog)--Valentines day card
Sophieandlucysdad from MI--coupons
Rita/wiscatmomof4--donation in memory of Twinkle and her Frankie

And to think nobody even questioned me about this!! You all are terrific--have big hearts for giving! Thanks so much.