Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday, Feb. 2

Putter assured me again this morning that spring will be here early. We have some snow flurries today, but that is to be expected. Our pipes are still frozen to Thumper's Room and to the toilet in the little bathroom. I talked to the construction guy. As soon as it warms up, he will get those pipes INSIDE the rescue center, instead of between the walls. Then that problem will be solved.

Yesterday, more work was done on the Kitty Kabana room.  The insulation is now in place, the ceiling vents in, wiring started for 2 ceiling lights and foam put in around the 6 windows. More work will be done the beginning of the week!

As many of you know, Ada Jane is showing her age. She's had a bit of a rough time these past 4-5 days. No appetite, some vomiting and  has lost weight. We've known for quite some time that she has some kidney failure. She's been receiving fluids these last few days and also injections to control the nausea. Yesterday was a downer day for her. This morning though, she ate a tiny tiny bit of breakfast and the most exciting thing is, she meowed at me! With gusto! That was pure joy to hear! We'll keep on loving her, as always. Knowing it's the quality of life and not her age, is an important issue. She will be 18 this month. Such an old girl. I promised her, along with every cat here, no suffering. I will honor that with her as well. Right now, it's a day to day thing. And in the meantime, lots of  loving going her way. Thanks to you all for caring. 

We had BOXES last night--what fun and what appreciation we have for you!
Widdketigger--2 bags of IAMS Healthy Nature food for adults
Sandy--lots and lots of 9 inch styrofoam plates
ZeldaLuna--2 super soft blankets (one for Montana, which he is using right now), 2 soft kitty beds, (Montana also is using one of these!), King Kong chew toy for the dogs, bag of Inova Kitten, bag of Inova Adult, case of Science diet can food, bag of Purina Pro Plan sensitive diet
LouLou81--Turbo Scratcher--a a toy or a bed for the Paddies! Koharu thought it was awesome as a toy!
Anonymous Friend--with pink tape--2 large kitty beds, 2 rugs, 6 bags of snackers, doggie snackers, laser for covie fun, fish crinkle toys, Wahl Pet Pro Clipper Kit (can use this clipper in Thumper's Room!), poopie bags and wash cloths
Susan/daydreamz2--2 Sun Thermal Wave Heaters to be used where needed (awesome)
Magspa--7 hand crocheted kitty beds that are gorgeous, 22 kitty pads for condos and slippers for Steve, Jacci and Judy S to try.   Beautiful work.
German Siggi from FL--coupons and a donation for FFRC
Julie L from FL and kitties Leo, Trinity & Lucky Kitten--a picture of the 3 cats, thank you card, 2 packages of skitter critter catnip mice, cat snackers, big gray rat, cat nip ball
Phil--Kitty Kabana sign
Nigel W from UK--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Sheila H from Canada--a donation to FFRC to be used where needed the most

Dorothy L/Dot Rot and support from her daughter Chatter Chops wrote some wonderful limericks about FFRC and the resident cats. What an awesome gift you have given and shared with us. I thank you. We will laminate these and make a booklet for FFRC. The pictures with them too, were fun!

Voting update: We bumped a little in the percent. We now are 3.94 (was 3.91) and second place is 3.8 (was 3.78). So we gained a tiny bit. I've had several e-mails from voting supporters that say they have written up a short story of FFRC and passed it on to some informative boards that they are on and to another webcam group. I thought this was a great idea. I just want to say how much I appreciate this support. We're like the little engine that said it could--we're chugging along and keeping our lead! Thanks to you all. 

The afghan auction is ON!  It started at 6 pm last night and will end 6 pm sharp tonight!. The highest bidder will win the first afghan. Right now, it's at an amazing $550! THere's still time to get your bid in. If interested, go to ffrc chatter's fb page--it'll be the top post.

Last night at BOX time, we had a few more bits of Facts or Fiction--just a fun way to promote cat love and awareness and that adult cats are wonderful to adopt too! We also had another series of questions "How well do you know the FFRC cats". I'm impressed--would have to say very well! Thanks for joining in the fun.

We won't say WHO turned the water faucet off (so it would freeze), but he sure is a cute cat!