Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday, Feb.7

Happy birthday to Gallant! Yes, our sweet boy is one years old today! What a wonderful cat he is. He arrived on 12/20, so he has had 7 weeks of healing so far, from his burns. He probably has another couple of weeks to go. His burned area is much much smaller, but still significant. Such a nice cat--he loves to be petted. 

We've done it--we're another .01% ahead in the voting! Our voting is paying off and giving us a little bit of a better margin. Here's the scoop for today--we are at 4.04%, yesterday we were 4.03 and 4.02 the day before. The difference between us and second place is .18%, yesterday was .17%. So we have a bit bigger lead. This is one of those super close races. But, we have such a wonderful volunteer/chatter/lurker/mod/admin/friends and supporters base, that we can do this! I am so appreciative of each and every vote!

Montana continues to cruise about, but still naps in his Dodger's Pen. When he no longer needs this pen, we will let Sequoia and Doce have it, so they have a bigger pen. We tried Cat's Corner Room for them, but the size of this room scared Sequoia. We continue to give him formula-syringes daily so he realizes that people bring him good things. County and Frith are sitting on the window ledge watching the bird activity. When Kitty Kabana is done, they'll have lots of windows to bird-watch! 

Progress is being made on the Kitty Kabana. The construction guy was here yesterday and he has a couple ceiling finished pieces up. He also has the trim for the windows cut. Almost all of the dry wall is now on too. We've been running a heater in this room, so the cement continues to dry, so it'll be ready for the floor guys.

We had a gift given to FFRC yesterday, from an anonymous source. It was for $2,000. A special project will be done with this donation. We will use it to put in a sidewalk from the back of the parking lot to the Cat's Cove. The Cove is used about 8 1/2 months of the year and is out on the farmyard. When it rains, it is very muddy. This will help the volunteers to be able to walk to the Cove without worrying about the mud. And when our guests tour the farmyard, will give them some sidewalk to minimize the mud also. I love this idea! Thanks to our anonymous friend.

WE had BOXES last night. We say a big big thanks to you!
Julie P/tigercat--For Doce and Sequoia--mouse toys and a Quiet Glo Moth toy! THere was also a flash play mat for the kitties, Royal Canin baby cat food and a case of Tuna Iams
Widdletigger--2 big bags of Precious Cat litter--great litter!
Kathy D & Joyce D from NC--Valentine's Day card, donation for anywhere it is needed, candy and treats for the Volunteers! Sheriff Putter, QUeen Bella and Mayor Anony and all the other kitties helped to send this card!
Sandra E--case of Friskies and a case of Fancy Feast
Bill/billypogo & Bonnie D from VA--2 big bags of KMR powder and a Fling Ama String cat toy
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--keurig hot chocolate/Apple cider, Valentine heart candy, lots of treats and candy for the volunteers, Double BUbble gum for Judy S, Diamond almonds, band aids, glitter stickers, 3 nail clippers, Angry Birds tape, feather ball toys & laser toy
Jennifer M/Jinkies from TX--a red kitty shoe playhouse!
From Octavia and her fans from WI--ping pong balls, lots of 9 inch paper plates and 6 inch plates, treats and candy for the volunteers, box of turtles candy, 25 cans of pink Salmon and lots of sardines--wow--Octavia will have lots of fun!
Nancy/luv4cats &GJordan L from WI and kitties Barnaby, Isabella, Chance & Mickey--Valentine's Day card
Trudy S from Bryan, OH--donation
Karen B from Sherwood OH--Chief tapes, coupons
Kimkost from MI--card and a note and a roll of stamps
Loverofhummingbirds//Bonnie--50 afghanettes to send home with adoptions
Anonymous Friend--bunches of bags of Precious litter--this helps us tremendously

We also received some PayPal donations--many thanks!
Patrick B--donation to FFRC
Dale P--donation to FFRC
Gusti--a donation for the Happy Birthday boy--Gallant
Elskates--A Happy Valentine's Day donation
Isabella H from FL--a donation in honor of Gallant's birthday

Kiara is sleeping on a stack of 4 cushie beds--piled high with a cat on top, curled up into a tiny ball. Georgia loves to watch the birds out the window--such an awesome cat--quiet but loves those head rubs. Tizzie is sleeping on the desk, flat on her back, thoroughly enjoying her nap. 

Micah--looking for his Turkey dinner!