Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday, Feb. 22

It's snowy, sleety and windy outside. Steve and I are still planning to go to the conference, but with much caution. It sounds like the weather day will improve as the morning goes on. The volunteers are all ready to take care of all things (including Farrah's meds and Gallant's ointment!). 

Please remember to vote! This is a doozy of a contest. We have maintained our lead 100% of the way, but it is a close one. We are at 4.27 today and the second place is at 4.13.  Do you know of someone not voting yet for FFRC?  Please ask them to check us out on the webcam, so they know who we are, then ask them for their vote! I sure would appreciate it. Thanks ever so much. When we win this--we're gonna have a party and share that celebration with YOU--the webcam viewers! 

Because the floor guys will be here on Monday to start the 5-day process of putting in the floor for Kitty Kabana, we will hold off on putting up the cat shelves, etc. until that project is done. Is there any construction that can be done without making a mess?!!!  I don't think so. The new floor requires grinding down the top layer of the concrete--again, a big dust mess. But, when it's done--we're going full speed ahead to get it ready for the cats to enter! I can't hardly wait!

All is fine here. Gallant's wound is showing more improvement in healing again. Montana's incision is healed all the way and little tufts of fur is growing back. Lots of Dove's fur is now back. Yes, you are right--if it looks like Maui is in heat, she is. Her spay surgery is scheduled for next week. Charmaine's incisions look great. What a sweet friend she is to Joyful. I cleaned Joyful's eyes again this morning without a speck of a growl! It's wonderful! Both eyes are healing. 

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks for your generosity.
loulou81/lynn--In celebration of her new job, the kitties received cat toys and snackers!  Congrats to you, Lynn!
Kelly R--case of Fancy Feast medley
Brooke--For Derecho--feather wand. Bag of crinkle toys and spring toys
Peggy/leggygal from CA--a wonderful friendship card and letter
Lynn S--a wonderful fish rug for Kitty Kabana (it's orange and yellow) and a big yellow rug also for Kabana
Sandy L/northpolemn & Haley from MN--picture of her pretty tiger Haley and a big batch of AA & AAA batteries
Lizmo--safety catch for cabinet and coupons
Abigail B from Defiance--chief receipt tapes
Maureen F--PayPal donation for FFRC
Lana H--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal

We received our weekly PetFinder's report. The top 12 cats that were viewed were: Badu, Boing, Miler, Haylow, Buckeye, Octavia, Cypress, Willard, Obadiah, Zelda, Farrah and Dennison.

When you are viewing our ustream webcam, if an ad pops up and you are interested in it, please click on it! For every click, FFRC receives a little bit of $$. And it does add up! 

Right now, there are 13 sleepy cats snoozing here in the office--they are all played out. When the ground unfreezes, we want to put more bird feeders outside the 6 windows--the cats will love this! Telo still brings his plastic rings for me to toss to him. He's such a fun cat. Montana would love a home where someone would pet him many times a day. Dove too--she's not too keen on being picked up, but she sure loves to be petted. 

2 of the 7 babies--Bev & Weeja
Bev & Weeja