Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday, Feb.25

Steve and I had a wonderful Friday/Saturday. We enjoyed the OVMA. I enjoyed learning things and concentrated on subjects in regards to rescues/shelters. We also were able to visit 5 rescues and shelters in the area. This was very interesting, as each one was different from the others. We picked up some pointers that will be useful for our rescue center. We're already working on some of these things. 

We also "picked up" something else! Two cats! At one of the rescues we visited, there were two CH cats (just like Derecho). These 2 cerebellar hypoplasia cats caught my eye and my heart. I so wanted to adopt them and bring them here. So.....we did! The grey tiger/white is Cozarelii, a male, about 1 year 10 months old. He is about the same level as Derecho. The solid black is Solee, a girl, about 2 1/2 years old. She has a bit more mobile stability than the boys. 

Cozarelii had actually been in 3 homes before coming here. One home simply brought him back, apparently not wanting him anymore. The second home was with a wonderful young lady who was fostering him. She took great care of him, but the finished basement became too chilly for him, so he again went back to the rescue. The third home was not a very good home and he became neglected. He was returned again, very thin and dehydrated. The foster young lady was there when we were visiting and she truly loves Cozarelii. We enjoyed talking to her about him. I promised Cozarelii that this is his final home here with us and he will be greatly loved.

Solee had only known one other home, other than the rescue that she was at. I know she had been at that rescue for quite some time. They spoke highly of her! I wasn't aware of Solee until we went to pick Cozarelii up on Saturday morning. I knew as soon as I held her, that she had to come too! The rescue that they came from was both welcoming and helpful.

The first night, they spent in Thumper's Room, on the floor with rugs and cushies. They did great. Sunday morning, we moved them to the main area, to June's Room. Sunday afternoon, they had two times out of the room, for a walk-about. They both did great. I was so pleased with both. Solee is a little play machine--she loves the springs and balls and would bat at them, then go after them! Cozarelii spent a lot of his time just walking about, checking things out. He walks a lot like Derecho. Solee has a little spring in her step, as she can walk with a bit more coordination. They spent their second night in June's Room. This morning they are already in the front office. They seem calm and are both inquisitive of their surroundings.

You may ask, why did I do this? The answer is simply, because. I felt a great need to love on these two cats and to give them a permanent home, surrounded by many volunteers that will also love on them. That's why! 

I'd like to thank the volunteers for making it possible for Steve and me to get away for these two days. I learned alot and didn't worry about a thing! 

Many thanks given to the following for their support:
Norma D--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Aunty Fi--donation thru PayPal in honor of Cozarelii and Solee
Sheila H from Canada--a donation to FFRC, thru PayPal, to be used where needed
Jackie M from CA--a donation in memory of Booboo who passed away 2/22/13
Charmaine & Arden from IN--a donation in honor of Cozarelii and Solee
Patricia B from FL--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC

The floor guys have a slight change of plans. Instead of starting today on the floor, it will be tomorrow, but they will come back for an extra application later in the day on one of the beginning days. That way, they stay on schedule--to have it done on Friday. Can't wait to see that orange/yellow floor! It will last the lifetime of FFRC, as will the main floor!

We had three adoptions yesterday! Melanie--one of our volunteers, adopted 2 cats. Her husband and little girl came and adopted Obadiah and Dennison! This will be a terrific home. Melanie has already called and sent pictures--all is well and happy, and both using the litterboxes! These are two great cats together. Another couple came, and ended up adopting Nance! She purred right away for them, which meant she was the one! Another loving home! 

This week will be a busy week. We have a few families that are interested in adopting and will be coming this week to look over the cats. We also have 3 surgeries scheduled for Weds.  Maui will be spayed. Tolo and Cooper are scheduled for their neuters and x-rays of their legs. The floor will be a daily event from Tuesday thru Friday. We're suppose to get a winter storm on Tuesday. Paul and his brother from AZ will be visiting, with us taking brother back to airport on Weds. Charmaine's sutures will be removed this week. We also have Kitty Kastle visitors!

Maui--awww--it's so nice to have food to fill my tummy now!