Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday, February 18

This will be a different type of blog, as I want to discuss something. 

But, first, the wonderful news of another adoption! Koharu was adopted yesterday to a wonderful family that has previously adopted from us before. They adopted Katrina and showed me a beautiful picture o/f her--so well taken care o/f. Koharu was putty in their arms. A very good match and kids at home to hold her, which she will like. 

We also took in another new cat yesterday. Unfortunately, this too, is a victim of a trap injury. In the 13 years of doing cat rescue we have only had two trap cats come in until now. This now makes three trap wounds--Dove, Montana and our new one. All three from different counties. Such a sad sad thing to have happen to any animal.  Her name is Charmaine and she's a torti with gold in her fur. She's about a year old. She made her way to three young adults yesterday, still carrying the trap on her front arm. The young man removed the trap and the 3 of them brought her here. Such nice young people--they truly cared about her. This wound is about 3 days old. The lower half has already been removed, for convenience for Charmaine. I will call the vet at 8:00 to get a surgery appointment for her. This cat is awesome--a real sweetie and chirper. Just LOVES to be petted--truly cannot get enough. 

Our other new cat, Maui is doing absolutely wonderful. She's happy, another cat chirper and is already cruising about in the front Welcome Room office. She will come into the main area today.

The voting for The Animal Rescue Site is down right now--please be patient and as soon as they get it up and running again, please vote! So important for this Rescue Center--your votes! 

Now--something to discuss. First, I'd like to personally apologize for any awful, vulgar PM's that anyone might have received. 99.9% of the people involved with this Rescue Center are awesome--truly caring, compassionate people--like you! But, we do have that .01% who likes to create havoc. Last night, again, a certain person came on and created a bad scene. This person likes to PM our chatters, say horrible, vulgar things, then skip out. Our mods were right on it, but sometimes it's difficult. We also had ustream mods helping us. My first thought is, this person's mother would be ashamed of this person for saying such awful things. Please know that this is not in any way a reflection of FFRC--we do NOT condone this type of behavior. If you should by chance in the future get a PM, please do this:  copy it, send it/paste it to a moderator and then do NOT respond to it. That's what this person wants--is your response. Totally ignore, but do copy and paste to a mod. Let the moderator know what time it happened, in Ohio time. This will help us track it down. I'm truly sorry for this happening. That type o/f behavior is not what we stand by. Thanks for your support. 

On to a wonderful day!

Jimmy and Roland in Kitty City
Jimmy & Roland