Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday, Feb. 17

We had 2 adoptions yesterday! Yeah--two wonderful, super loving homes. First, Haylow was adopted. Haylow likes her space, isn't too keen on other cats and likes to zero in on just a few people as her friend. The lady who adopted her is perfect! There's no other cats and Haylow will be able to be Haylow! She really liked her new mama from the beginning! Went right into the carrier too! Then JoeBob was adopted. The new mom/dad have already sent a picture of him sound asleep. JoeBob will get tons of love at his new home too! Two perfect homes! 

We have several cats on hold yet: Graciela, Raza, Obadiah, Frith, Tolo and Cooper. The 7 young kittens are all doing great. They are cruising all day today in the front office. Such a lot of space for these kitties to play in. And when it's time to nap, they sleep like a rock! This morning, Doce was on top of the palm tree, having so much fun! The new calico, Maui is now cruising about in Thumper's Room and the Welcome Room office. 

The 3 newest kittens have new names! The ticked tiger is Static. The gold troti is Bev. The beige torti is Weeja (pronounced just like it looks--we-ja (short a). Weeja means a sweet girl who has a lot of love to give. And yes, this is true. They are ever so friendly and love to be pampered. Static just fell on his head--truly. He was on the top of the 4-step, and plopped upside down onto the third step. Now, he landed buttom-first onto the second step. Little Doce's on/off button is stuck on "on". 

Montana continues to be a loving cat. He will actually lean into you to be petted. His fur is growing back. Dove's fur is also growing back, slowly but surely. She's a quiet girl, but so loves to have her head rubbed. Tizzie, our only black youngster, is a doll. I hope she finds a home soon. She so loves to be loved on. 

Many thanks to our mods and admins for the work that they do. You are all wonderful and a big part of this Rescue Center. Please rely on these wonderful people! If you notice something amiss and have a genuine concern, please PM a mod or an admin about your worry. They can then call me.  

We had BOXES last night--we are so grateful for this support.
Simon S from UK--box of temptation treats
Mason S & Ryan W (visitors on Saturday)--2 bottles of soft soap, kitty snackers, 2 kitty wipes, doggie snackers and Sheba can food for inside cats, Porchies, Covies and Barnies
Charlotte M/Brutus4 from Canada--card with kittens, kitty snackers, Miss Octavia--her own packets, Micah--his own turkey packets, Anony & friends--their own yummy packets and 3 cases of packet foods for everyone!
Anonymous Friend--Giant crinkle mouse, bag of mice, more toys, salmon, 12 cans of Blue Wilderness, case of Purrfectly Fish, case of Appetizers and mega kitty snackers
Sue B/catloverhere--2 kitty brushes, grooming comb, 6 soft kitty beds (pink, blue & brown), snackers for hairballs, and liquid KMR
KellyS/Kellyson--Greenies salmon smart bites, 3 flat critter toys, 2 soft leopard beds
Gramma June for Derecho--2 beds for Kabana (bright yellow & bright orange)
Auntie Julie for Magenta--special card and a gift card (just for Magenta)
Joyce from OH--Valetine Hoops & YoYo and a donation
Suzanne B from CA--kitty valentine and a donation
Roger, Trudy and Muldoon & Willa Ella--a picture of Muldoon & Willa, a kitty card and a donation
Brooke B from OH--a donation to FFRC, thru PayPal

Thank you all for your awesome support. I sincerely and truly appreciate each one of you. Your votes, your donations, your moral support, prayers and good thoughts are extremely important to me. 

Weber gives you all a thumbs up for your support!
Weber by FoFRCphoto