Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday, Feb. 26

Charmaine is now in the main area. She was moved up to the front office, put in Dodger's Pen to let her view things, but almost immediately, she wanted out! So, out she came! She's lounging quite comfortably on the cat furniture, looking very relaxed. Her incision looks very good. She sure can eat--her tummy is quite round.

County is in her usual place--on the shelf in the front office, watching the bird feeders. Cozarelii just mosied into the office too. He is doing just great. Feeling very at home already. He's explored much of the rescue center already. We put both Cozarelii and Solee in June's Room for night time, but other than that, they're out and about. Solee has been playing all morning--she loves the toys!

Montana is also here in the office--his fur is starting to grow back in. He's a loverbug. Thoroughly enjoys those head rubs. Little Doce is sleeping on my desk--purring while he's napping! Weeja is on one of the cat furniture, on her back, playing with her tail. Graciela was told that her new mom/dad will be on their way this week to adopt her and take her back to Colorado!

We had BOXES last night. Wonderful items and big time thanks from us!
TippyNTraylor & Ashely too--purple name tag for Farrahs collar (will go with her when she's adopted), beautiful handmade framed sand art for Volunteers, Graciela and Kitty kabana
Sophie&Lucysdad/Mike from MI--lots of kitty snackers and 2 jars of baby food and a kitty card
Dollianna (and Deb11111)--letter and pictures of Dollianna, Taz, Vickie and Binky, paw points, reading material and 3 Pouncing Paw toys for adoptions
Bonnie & Mike--2 awesome rugs for Kitty kabana--yellow and orange
Rene C/jakesmeowmy--2 cases Purrfectly Chicken and 2 cases of Fancy Feast 
Arden & Charmaine--2 cases of Fancy Feast and a case of Reeses Sardines
Phil&Cleo--a beautiful FFRC clock with the residents on it
DeWitty--card and picture of Binks & Amber on leggydew blankie, 2 towels, fsardines, 2 stacks of washcloths, 2 cases of Friskies Gravy Sensations, 1 case of Purrfectly chicken, kitty snackers, bag of toyhs, kitty wipes, 2 bags of doggie meatball snacks, snackers for volunteers, box of jelly belly's and a box of hand dipped candy
Littlebits' human-donation/walmart gift card in honor of Little Bit and for Charmaine
CatsoftheWorld--Hoops and YoYo birdthday card and a book of stamps
Tom P, Ashley & Buddy--Kitty Quack Valentine Card
Dot from WA--donation for FFRC
Doug & Linda C/autumnchild from Iowa (part of FunFlyers--dofnation for FFRC
MaryAnn O/Merry_Marvin from CA--2 sheets of stamps, BD cards, coupons and a donation
Herta B from IN--donation thru PayPal for FFRC, to be used where needed most
Lucy P from UK--donation thru PayPal, in celebrationof life!

I heard from Frith's family yesterday. They love him. He and their other cat are now play-friends--just like brothers! His mom says its like Frith has been in their family forever! 

Remember, to check out Wanda's site at portraitsbywanda.com   For every portrait she does, she will donate $50 to FFRC.  Her work is beautiful. There's new designs at our Zazzle store too, especially for St. Patrick's Day. Check out: zazzle.com/fofrescue

Wow--we have now had over 6 MILLION total views for FFRC's webcam. I'm astounded! Simply amazing. We're like a family of friends who all love cats! Thanks!

This Friday is our next facebook auction. This one will be a bit different...again!  We have a very special certificate to auction off. Remember at the Catathon, we had a reservation in New Orleans? The person who won this, cannot use it, so has sent it back to FFRC, to be auctioned off! It's a three day-two night stay at Chateau Orleans French Quarter Resort in New Orleans. There is also a $15 gift certificate to go with this to a Central Grocery Company, that specializes in Italian food. The Resort certificate has to be used by May 31, 2013. So....think about it, decide to go on a vacation, and bid!! We are also having MORE on the auction plate! There will be 4 sets of beautiful scarves and matching hats, each to be bid on separately. So, we will actually have FIVE separate items for the auction. You can bid on all five, with seperate bids or just pick out one thing that fancies you. The scarf/hat sets will each have their own letter assigned to it. When you bid, you will post on FB chatters page, 3 things: your chat name, your amount of bid and the Item letter. It's simple, will be fun and starts Friday at 6 pm sharp to Saturday 6 pm sharp. 

The floor guys are here....again we're in a dust mess, but we'll get it all cleaned up! Can't wait to see what it'll look like! 

Willard--sleepy baby